Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I did something kinda cool... I think.

So, remember this Happy Pillow?
Ok, well I made it out of an extra Dresden Plate I had just sitting around.
It's all hand-stitched and cool stuff like that.
And I LOVE it.
And it's staying in my house, with me, which I love even more.

Well, turns out I entered it in a pillow contest over at Sew, Mama, Sew.
Yeah, that's when I did it.
That's when I entered my Happy little pillow cover.

Here's a funny story.
I checked Sew, Mama, Sew just about every day to see if my pillow made it as a
"Pillow of the Day,"
which is the contest I thought I had entered.
Well, yesterday came and went, and my Happy pillow still hadn't made it, and therefore, my hopes were dashed.
BUT WAIT... there is a Pillow Contest as well?
My hopes are back to undashed!
Yesterday was the unveiling of the Top 20 pillows for the "Words to Live By" category, and I had to wait until today to see if my hand-stitched ray of sunshine made it.

Guess what?
I made it into the Top 20!
So now there's a voting thing happening, and people can go vote for their 2 favorite pillows.

...and if it happens to be for my pillow, well, that would just be fantastic now wouldn't it?

Here's the part that makes it kinda cool:
I told my Hubby about not making Pillow of the Day.
I was bummed.
Like everysinglemorning when I checked the website.
For about 2 weeks.
I think he was getting a tad sick of hearing about it the disappointment.
Then I told him about the actual contest that was happening and how I still had a glimmer of hope.
I'm sure he was just as pumped as me.

Well, anyways, this morning I caught him checking the website to see if my pillow made it...
(and that's how I know I did something kinda cool.)


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