Thursday, March 17, 2011

Quick Little St. Patty's Day Dress Tutorial

I have a tutorial to share.
When I was thinking about sharing this post, I apparently thought I was with it enough to get it posted before the actual St. Patty's Day so that you could make this before hand.
I don't know why I thought that.
Maybe I was dreaming that I was all organized and stuff.
In real life, I made this dress about 15 min. before we had to leave for Story Time because Willow doesn't have a single green thing to wear.
Like, not. a. thing.
Now, she has a cute little 4 leaf clover applique dress!
And that 15 min included taking pics for the tutorial...
So, yeah, it's really quick and easy.
We were even on time. Early, some might say.

You need some green scraps. The size of scraps obviously depends on the size of your kid.

You also need a shirt, onesie, dress, skirt, or whatever that you don't mind gluing a shamrock to.

Example: ugly green dress that is in desperate need of some fun.
Honestly, stained shirts work great, and you get to feel all cool and good about up-cycling.
If you're like me,
you have a million stained shirts that you won't throw away but aren't suitable for public viewing.
And/or way too many super boring-plain clothes you bought for your lovey
thinking that one day, when you had all that spare time that's so plentiful,
you could jazz it up a bit and make it cute.
And, if you're still anything like me, you have a whole bin of boring-plain clothes that your child has never worn but has grown out of.
It's that whole 'spare time' thing...

You also need a glue stick, paper and pen, some pins (optional) and a sewing machine
(or you could hand-stitch if you're one of those planning ahead types).

Okay, you draw a kinda heart-shaped thing on some paper.
Just free-hand it.
You can do it.
You're creative.
If you've ever looked at a clover, it's leaves are shaped like hearts.
Cut it out.
You only need one of these things.
Then, you pick out your fave green scraps, pin the awesomely crude pattern to the scraps and cut out the heart shape.
(Repeat process until you have enough leaves)
You need 3 or 4 fabric scrap leaves, depending on how lucky you want to be.

Arrange them in a way that makes you happy.
Oh, and cut out a little stem.

Glue them on to your clothing.
I told you this was the fast and easy way.
Just glue.
You'll end up with something like this:
Then, you zig-zag stitch around the outside of your clover to keep in place.
And if you're lucky enough to find a big, huge green button on your floor, then you can go ahead and sew that to the middle of your clover.
Just for fun.

And there you go.
That's it.
Easy peasy.
Good luck!
(Pun intended.)

In other news,
the Hubby and I went to Chicago over the weekend for some
St. Patty's Day shenanigans.
Chelsea, Ty, Me, and the Hubby at the river after it turned green.

We had a blast.
Oh, and my shirt says "RUB FOR GOOD LUCK" on the belly.
It was fun.
I highly suggest if if you're pregnant on St. Patrick's Day.
Not kidding.

Did you know they dye the river green with orange dye?
They do.
And don't worry, it's vegetable dye so it doesn't hurt the fishys.


Happy St. Patty's Day!
Go pinch somebody who's not wearing green and call your kids 'hooligans' all day long :)

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