Thursday, March 31, 2011


I've been waiting to finish this quilt for a while.

Basically because I was stuck.
I didn't know what to bind it in.
At first I thought orange. But it was just way too much orange.
And then I thought maybe the cream color I also used in the quilt.
But I'm not a fan of super-light colored bindings.
I always think they look dirty.

So, since those were the only two colors in the quilt, and I didn't like either of those choices,
I folded it up
and put it on a shelf until inspiration to finish struck.

It struck today.
Meet my inspiration:

Yup, a plate full of cucumbers and dip.
Or, if you're Willow, "cumumbers and dippits".

So, thanks to a handy-dandy afternoon snack,
I decided that some kind of green needed to be the binding for my quilt.
After some auditions, I chose Anna Maria Horner's Polka Line
(can't remember what the color is called-my bad)
And I'm super pumped about the results.

Hunting Camp Quilt Roll

And I'm exciting about the quilting too.
I finally pulled out my quilting guide after 2 years of not using it.
I know, weird.
I usually do straight line quilting on either side of the seams.
Or I used tape to mark my lines.
But today, I went with the guide and I forgot how much I love it.

Hunting Camp Quilting Detail

For the backing I used a fun
orange and cream striped fabric from my stash that I think I got at the Goodwill forever ago.
Or a garage sale.
Hunting Camp Back and Binding

Can't remember... anyways, it's SUPER soft.
SUPER. soft.

Hunting Camp Quilt

Quilt stats:
"Hunting Camp"
(because it reminds me of all the colors and stuff you'd see at a hunting camp)
Half Square Triangle Quilt
Joel Dewberry Aviary charms (leftovers)
Cream and orange Kona solids
AMH Polka Line (olive and orange)- binding
Warm and natural batting
Machine quilted
Machine stitched binding.

And Willow has been telling stories lately that always end in,
"they were very best friends, and they were sooo happy, and then they made a quilt".

And I think that is hilarious.
When people are happy they make quilts.
She must think I'm really, really happy.


  1. That is a really great quilt!! I love orange and white together!

  2. LOVE Willow's ending for stories! That is an absolutely great quote! You need to embroider that on a quilt someday! If I ever decide to steal it, I'll check with you first..that's how much I love it!

    And your choice of binding is PERFECT for that quilt!! LOVE IT!!

  3. This quilt is stunning. I have some orange and have to go and do something with it now. Lovely.

  4. My kind of quilt - love it. Oh, yes, the binding is perfect. Funny how the everyday places we go can provide our inspiration!

  5. Love that zig zag coming out of the HSTs! Nice!

  6. Love that zig-zag, too, even though I don't have a clue what an HST is... obviously not a quilter, but DEFINITELY a fan. This quilt is simply amazing, literally; simply. amazing. The binding is almost as extra-special-perfect as the quote from Willow. Definitely something to embroider on a quilt...

  7. Love your quilt - stunning and simple!!!

  8. That quilt is the reason I found your blog, it really caught my eye, I think its beautiful!
    I like the design, love the binding!

    Giving me some great ideas.....


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