Wednesday, May 19, 2010

New to Me...

Of all the quilts I've made, I haven't made that many specifically 'boy' quilts, and I sure as heck haven't done the primary color thing.

Until now.

Doesn't that just look fun?
I must say, I likey.
And I can't wait to get started but I've got a few other (like 4) things to get finished ASAP and sent out to their new loving homes.
But really, I can't wait to cut into those super-fun, super-boy fabrics!

I got a package from Hawthorne Threads today!
Which had much of the above fabric in it, plus some others.
Namely the Enchanted Damask and the Kashmir.

From left to right: Amy Butler Full Moon Polka, Michael Miller Two by Two Stripe, Enchanted Damask, Amy Butler Full Moon Polka, Anna Maria Horner Cathedral, Michael Miller Bungalow Stripe, Amy Butler Sun Spots in Olive, Amy Butler Kashmir

I love getting packages in the mail.
It's like fricken' Christmas.
I even try to order things every other day so I'm always getting something in the mail.
Is that too much?
I don't even care if it is.
I like it.
For example, tomorrow I should be getting at least one package.
Maybe even two.
And I find that super exciting.

I made this pillow cover today:
It totally doesn't go with my colors at all.
But I really like the colors of the fabric.
And it's sorta like the colors for some commission pillows I'm doing.
So I just chalked it up to a 'sample' pillow.
But really I just wanted to make something small and fast and actually complete something because I have 3204972375 HUGE projects going on right now.
It felt nice.
I might sell it.
We'll see.
I think it's a 22" square.

Have a good one!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Sewing Stuff, Quilty Stuff, Bubbles, Hats, and Sleepy Little Ones

I have been a busy bee.
I'm sewing like crazy around here to finish all my orders on time and get them shipped out.
It seems when I have some serious deadlines, all I do is work on stuff that doesn't need to be finished yesterday.
Like, stuff for me.
Or these cute little dresses that I can't stop making.
This one was for my Aunt Paige to give as a gift:
I used lots of Amy Butler stuff from my stash and even a flower print that I used for the lining and straps (but it was from Joann's I believe).
Anyways, she really liked it :)

I made these cute little things for my lovey girl.
When I showed them to her she went, "OH MY GOODNESS", which is extremely funny considering she's not even two yet.
It sounded a little something like this.
I HIGHLY recommend clicking the above link. It's worth it.
And this is somewhat of a late post for this quilt top because I made it for my momma for Mother's Day!
The colors are totally her.
She's very Arts and Craftsy.
As you can see, however, I flipped one of my rows around the wrong way which put two squares of the same fabrics right next to each other.
I didn't notice it until all the teeny tiny little borders were already attached.
I should also mention that this is one of my mother's pet peeves.
Touching fabric that shouldn't touch.
I didn't say anything when I gave it to her.
Neither did she.
I actually used a pattern/kit for this quilt, something I NEVER do.
I like doing my own thing.
Well, this pattern called for some ridiculously small squares and triangles.
Like, 1 5/8"- that's really small in my book.
But it came together really nicely (and surprisingly fast).

See that itty bitty triangle in there? Little, no?
I think the whole thing measures 60" x 60"
And I found a really awesome king size, high thread count sheet at a consignment shop for $3.
I used it to back the quilt.

We've also been blowing bubbles a lot lately.
Or eating them, I'm not really sure. But every now and then I see some bubbles floating around the backyard, so I think she's getting the hang of it.
I also made the above dress yesterday. Isn't it so cute?
I love little girls in pink, but I also love little girls in not-pink.
It's awesome.
Total side note: my little lovey is in size 5T leggings... she's not even 2! All the leggings in her size are like capris on the poor kid (she's superduper tall), so for the leggings to cover her whole leg, I have to go up to a 5T.
Is this normal?
I don't think it is.

While we were buying the 5T leggings yesterday, Lovey Girl spotted this hat:
...and refused to take it off.
She now can't go outside without it.

And there's just something about baby tummies that gets me...

They are just so darn cute.
And my lovey's just happens to peek out every now and then.
It's the best.


So, I work on Saturdays, and my family is awesome and takes turns watching the little nugget for us.
This past Saturday my above mentioned Aunt Paige watched her and took her to my cousin's son's 3rd birthday party at a park.
(what does that make him to me? 2nd cousins? I don't know how that works)
I should also mention right now that my girl takes about 2 or 3 naps a day.
She took zero naps on Saturday with my Aunt and opted to play like crazy instead.
She was in a good mood, not grouchy, so all was peachy.

Until I got her home.

The poor girl was so dirty (and ridiculously exhausted) from playing rough and tumble all day that she needed a bath.
She usually loves tubbies.
Not this time.
No, this time she fell asleep among the bubbles.

It was the most adorable thing I've ever seen in my life.
She was literally falling asleep in the bathtub.
Every now and then she would accidentally splash herself which would make her all upset because the splashing was interrupting her sleepy time.

Poor Lovey.
She was sooooo tired.
She even spaced out a few times.
Needless to say, as soon as I wiped all the playground-birthday-fun-grime off her little body, she was jammied and put to bed.
She slept from 6:00 pm until 8:00 am.
What can I say, the girl wore herself out.

Friday, May 14, 2010

4th of July Dresses and other stuff...

I made a couple more dresses for my shop.
I kept the 4th of July in mind while picking out the fabrics to use together.
Is it just me, or does it seem like little girls always look so darn cute on 4th of July in their summery dresses (matching if they are sisters or cousins- am I wrong?) and usually-tanned skin getting ready to watch the fireworks after a day of awesome family fun?
I just love fireworks. Like LOVE them.
So I made these dresses to celebrate my love of fireworks, summer and adorableness.
Let's see. I believe there is some Prairie Gothic in there (which I love), some Del-hi, Grand Revival, and Mazy Bricks (another fabric I absolutely LOVE). I pulled everything from my stash and used the Petal Knot dress pattern from Sandi Henderson with some of my modifications.

Here's a look at the back:
It's a size 2T and it's for sale right here!

And while I was in the spirit, I made this one too!
I varied the pattern a little more to split up the distribution of the blue and white fabrics for the skirt into quarters instead of halves.
This dress has the same lot (kinda) of fabrics, only the Prairie Gothic is only visible in the lining.

For the skirt I used Valori Wells Del-hi fabric and Wallflower from Erin McMorris' Wildwood collection. Isn't it crazy how great these two fabrics go together?
It blew my mind.
This one is size 12-18 months and it's for sale here!

(couldn't resist showing my cute little labels)
Today is a perfect day to go and sit outside and just listen... don't you think?
Have fun!!!!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Nothing left to do but SEW, SEW, SEW!!!! (and fill you in with this REALLY long post)

Yep, I'm finally back to sewing. After a few crazy weeks of studying and writing and cramming and not sleeping and planning and organizing and thinking and hoping and praying and all that fun stuff, I finally get to sew again because I......


(This is the face of someone who never has to go to school EVER again!)
And it is FANtastic!

I realized just how much I love making things with my own 2 hands.
It runs in the family, I think.

Check this out: as a graduation gift my Grandpa Paul made me this:
Made it. MADE it. As in, with his own two hands!
It's absolutely gorgeous.
You should see the inside! Well, you will, I'll have more pics once my camera decides to cooperate.
Isn't it amazing? He's awesome.

And my dad made me this:
It's the window seat I've been wanting in front of my strangely pushed out window for about 2 years now.
I still have to prime it and paint it, and make an awesome cushion for the top of it,
but it's just perfection.
There are two hinged doors on the top so I can use it for storage, too.
Not too shabby for a guy with only one eye, huh?
I'm not kidding.
My dad is blind in one eye (note the patch below) and the other one is notsogood.

But I love him to pieces. He came all the way from Virginia for the occasion!
(Love you, Dad!)- even though I know for a fact he doesn't read this...

And my little sister made this quilt:
It was her first one ever, if you can believe that.
I think it's made out of all 5 inch squares, except for the fussy-cut Antler Damask (Joel Dewberry) in the middle top and bottom.

She did.
(With the aforementioned Grandpa Paul-and my Grandma Margaret-of course)
I will have photos of that soon.


My point is that my whole family ROCKS!

Enough rambling about life stuff- let's get to the sewing part, shall we?
I'm working on an awesome quilt for a customer using these lovely fabrics:
From left to right: Floating Buds in Grey (Amy Butler), Marilyn in Grey (Tanya Whelan), Large Floral in Porcelain (Patricia Bravo), Wishing Flowers in Grey (My Mind's Eye), Fresh Poppies in Linen (Amy Butler), Arabesque in Ivory (Amy Butler) and Blossom Clusters in Grey (Patricia Bravo)

It's for a double bed and I'm using the
Disappearing 9 Patch Pattern
with 8 inch squares.
There's a great tutorial
here if you want to check it out.

I'm also working on this quilt (below) right now for a little girl.
I worked out a swap deal/agreement with Anna over at Branch and Birdie on Etsy.
It's a patchwork using Heather Ross' Mendocino line.
Then I added a white border and a hot pink border to frame it all in.
I love the barter system.
I think everyone should use it. They would be so much better off...
at least I would think so.
Here's a fun little surprise I added to the outside border.
I just love this fabric.
And mermaids.
Don't you?
... but wait! That's not it!
I'm also in the midst of putting together a nursery set for another customer using these pretty little fabrics:
If I had to describe it, I'd say it's a modern twist on the whole 'Shabby Chic' idea.
It's going to be adorable.
Here are the fabrics from top to bottom:
Bird Cage in Pink (Tula Pink, Plume)
Genie in Pink (Annette Tatum for Free Spirit, House)
Rose Bouquet in Sky Blue (Tanya Whelan, French Hatbox)
Picnic Parade in Pink Stripe (Tanya Whelan, French Hatbox)
Honeycomb in Pink (Joel Dewberry, Modern Meadow)
old fabric from my stash
Ta Dot in Candy (Michael Miller, Michael Miller House Designer)

Well, I think that's about it.
Not worrying about school is awesome. I got about 10 trillion things done today that I've been wanting to do for about a year.
Sad, I know.
I've got even more to share with you, but I've got to leave something for tomorrow's post :)

Go be awesome!