Monday, July 27, 2009

A Little Sneaky Peeky...

So, here is the beginning of something supersweet...enjoy!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Lost Boys Quilt

I started this quilt and finished it in just one day! I love it, too. I used some squares left over from my Old Red Barn Co. Quilt-along quilt, cut them up and sewed them all back together, and the rest is scraps! The Amy Butler blue/grey dot fabric was from my stash. But still. I named it "The Lost Boys Quilt" because it totally reminds me of little boys playing out in the woods lost in their imaginations for hours and hours, never wanting to come home (or grow up!). You can purchase this quilt HERE in my Etsy shop! Yay!
You can't really see it very well in these pictures, but I tried a new quilting pattern. I went with a squared off wonky spiral for the whole thing. It starts out off of center and then just goes and goes. I think it matches the style of the quilt perfectly. I'm REALLY happy with it! Measurements: 41"x 41"

I superdooper love how all the colors and patterns and prints and goodness come together in this quilt. This is my favorite corner:
I think I love the back just as much as I love the front. I used even more scraps to make both sides all tie together.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Workin' on Some Stuff

So I finished another project today (actually last night but it was too dark to take any pictures) This is a custom order crib quilt for a little girl named Violette. Isn't that fabric perfect?

I had originally made different blocks to make up this quilt sort of like the one different flower block on the front, but it looked weird. Like too old-ladyish or something. Anyways, I didn't like it so I scrapped all the blocks I made and went with this 9 patch pattern that looked waaaay more age appropriate...And then I cut up and reworked one of my flower blocks to add a little interest to the front of the quilt. I really like how it turned out...
I really like how the backing looks, too. This is the first time I've ever used such a big print for backing fabric and I really dig it. (Plus, the baby's name is Violette, so duh!)

For the quilting I just ran 1/4" on each side of the seams with pale pink thread. The quilt measures 42"x 26": perfect for a crib!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

TWO Finished Quilts!

I finally got some free time last night to finish some quilts that have just been moving farther and farther to the bottom of the "in progress" pile. I really like this quilt. It's super fun and colorful and a little bit funky. I like it. You can buy it HERE!
I originally wanted to go with a red fabric for the backing. But it just didn't seem to go so I found this yellow fabric that went really well...And I LOVE the binding fabric. It's this burnt yellow/yellow print that seem to frame the quilt nicely but also picks up the brightness of the fabrics...maybe it's magic!
And here's another pic of the quilt. It measures 43"x32".
Then there's this quilt! It is so soft and cuddly...There's a mix of designer Joel Dewberry fabrics, vintage fabrics and a bit of miscellaneous stuff as well. I think this quilt just looks "organic". It needs to wrap up a little baby! You can buy this quilt HERE!
I picked a light green dot print for the backing to pick up the greens on the front of the quilt.
The binding is nice and clean and fresh on this quilt. I love the unbleached, natural look of the whole quilt. I wish you could touch's sooooo soft. Really. Very Soft.
This quilt measures 35"x 39". It's the perfect size for a baby quilt.
Good news people! BOTH these quilts are going to be available for purchase in my Etsy shop!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Baby Girl Pink/Green Valance

Here's a pretty little valance I made for a custom order....
And here's a close-up. I made it for a 60" window, but I only had a 50" rod that fit the pocket. So it's a little more squonched in the picture than it will be in real life...
My camera is still being a little funky, so the color is off. It is a bit more vibrant in person. I think it turned out nicely!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Wow! 10 Days! No Way...

Yeah, so I haven't posted in 10 days, call me a slacker if you want, but I've been a busy little bee. For example I took a sad, lonely, white hutch and turned it into this:
and plopped it right into my kitchen for some MUCH needed counter and storage space. I haven't found knobs that I like yet, so that's why she's knobless...

She was also topless... uh oh! We can't have topless furniture gallivanting around the house, so I had to make her this...
I'm planning on getting together all of my art glass in this teal color and making shelves to display it all above my new fave piece of furniture!

I also finished this baby boy quilt a bit ago but never got the pictures up because my camera decided it wanted a vacation so it pooped out on me...don't worry, I showed it who's boss. It cut it's vacay short :)
I really like this quilt. It's different. I used a lot of my favorite blue and green fabrics for this one, and then added in that Michael Miller guitar print. I'm a fan. I also really like the back of this quilt and the way it looks with the binding...
That simple green fabric is from JoAnn's and I just love it. I bought all they had and I'm almost out :(
I was planning on trying out some organic line quilting on this quilt for the first time, but I don't know if it was my lack of motivation or lack of time or what, but that's not what happened. Instead I just quilted 1/4" on either side of the seams. It looks very nice I think. Here's a close-up:

Also, my dad came to visit this past weekend! Yay! He lives in Virginia, and I hadn't seen them for almost a year. I also got to see my stepmom and stepsister (and meet my niece Gabi for the first time) and my three youngest brothers. It was short, but fun. I wish we would have had more time together. We all got together for a Family Reunion in Saginaw. With the help of some special "lemonade" we all managed to get through it :)

Willow was also very sick this past week. She had super high fevers for a few days, but she's finally back to her crazy self!

Wow, I guess I never realized what happens in a 10 day period...

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Absolutely Nothing To Do With Quilting, Sewing or Anything Crafty

So this is my little cutie. Love her to pieces. Don't let her looks fool ya. She's got attitude, and lots of it for a little one...
We went to the Farmer's Market the other day and guess who FINALLY came with us....DADDY! (He liked it, too!) We got lots of good stuff and quality time together. And Willow got to try watermelon for the first time.
Aunt Chelsea brought Willow a little walking lawnmower thingy the other day and baby just can't get enough of it. She loves it. And let me tell you, she moves on that thing. Zingin' all over the place...
Here's my girl. My little Willow. Still can't get over how pretty she is. She looks nothing like me :( All Daddy. Good thing he's a looker :)

So, like I said: this post had absolutely nothing to do with quilting, sewing, remodeling, home improvement, or anything else that has to do with thatsortofthing.