Thursday, July 2, 2009

Absolutely Nothing To Do With Quilting, Sewing or Anything Crafty

So this is my little cutie. Love her to pieces. Don't let her looks fool ya. She's got attitude, and lots of it for a little one...
We went to the Farmer's Market the other day and guess who FINALLY came with us....DADDY! (He liked it, too!) We got lots of good stuff and quality time together. And Willow got to try watermelon for the first time.
Aunt Chelsea brought Willow a little walking lawnmower thingy the other day and baby just can't get enough of it. She loves it. And let me tell you, she moves on that thing. Zingin' all over the place...
Here's my girl. My little Willow. Still can't get over how pretty she is. She looks nothing like me :( All Daddy. Good thing he's a looker :)

So, like I said: this post had absolutely nothing to do with quilting, sewing, remodeling, home improvement, or anything else that has to do with thatsortofthing.

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