Tuesday, June 30, 2009

This is What I Did Today...

So, I was a busy little bee today. And lucky for me, my little Willow adjusted her 1000-miles-a-minute self accordingly. Thanks Baby! I hemmed by Ikea curtains to fit my windows and I painted my walls ORANGE! I love 'em! They used to be ugly old beige. Beige with scuffs and marks and blah all over 'em. Now they're super fun and fantastic and great. They go a little better with my lime green kitchen and my bright blue living room now :)

I also found these AMAZING ottoman/cube thingys that I swear someone just plucked right out of my brain. I dreamed these up when I got rid of our coffee table and wanted to replace it with something kid friendly (aka: no glass, no corners, no fingerprints, no breakable, no stuff on top). After passing up many a table at Ikea, Target, and everywhere else they have tables that don't cost an arm and a leg, I finally found these at T.J. Maxx of all places. There they were, just calling out to me. So, of course, I got them and hurried them home where they could live happily-ever-after in my front room. Ah....pretty.
I made this Greens and Guitars quilt top for someone at work to give to their friend who just had a baby...
Last but not least, I wallpapered my mega-ugly bathroom wall with brown paper grocery bags. I'm not quite done, but the result is WAY better than I expected. It kind of looks like suede or leather on the wall. SU-per in love with it. All it takes is a TON of paper bags, even more Elmer's Glue and water, and voila. You've got a great way to recycle all those paper bag shoved between the 'fridge and the wall and it looks sooo cool.

So, yeah, that's what I did today. I also did laundry...but nobody wants a picture of that.


  1. your house is looking so. amazing.
    i can't wait to come home and see it!

  2. Thanks, it's finally starting to feel like "me". Before, it was just a house that we lived in and now it's slowly becoming our home :) And it's so much FUN!


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