Sunday, June 14, 2009

It's a Von Erck von Sneaken Peeken Yaa...'s the sneak peek for the other Katie. The von Erck one :) My cousin Katie lives in Brooklyn and I miss her eversomuch so I wanted to make a quilt for her that she could use everyday and think of me. I thought and thought and thought about the size and decided that she needed a massive, I mean massive, blanket. She frequents parks due to her freakin'-sweet-nanny-job, and I also want her to wrap up in it and pretend that I'm hugging her every now and then. Yup, that's how much I miss her. I can just picture her laying on this blanket listening to her "husbear" jam out at some open air venue. Or possibly lounging around the house all snuggled up with Steve McQueen (the dog) having a TV watching marathon of some show. Or maybe my blanket could even accompany the Von Ercks on a date night picnic in the park...She could hang out with Miles all day long on this quilt in the shade (it would make a great backdrop for the umpteenthousand pictures she takes of him every day) Ohhh there are so many possibilities for this baby!

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  1. ohmygosh.
    my heart is beating a million miles a minute and i'm bouncing all around the couch and husbear is laughing so much at me.
    i love it!!
    i loooove it!!

    i'm going to do ALL OF THOSE THINGS WITH IT!!
    and then everyone will ask me where i got it and i'll tell them you made it and maybe you'll start getting orders from nyc!


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