Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Try-to-look-at-this-without-smiling Quilt :)

Here's my newest favorite! They're all my favorites. Forgive the bad lighting and that little shadow there, it was nighttime, but I was too excited to put this up to wait for the morning. This little guy started out pretty small, but I just felt like it wasn't finished. Then I decided to add some borders around the outside and it just looked fantastic, so I kept going. I think the extra touch brings out all the colors in the middle better. What do you think?

I had lots of fun with the backing. I used the fabrics from the sashing and then some from the main pattern to add in a little stripe. (ps I like stripes) Now I can't wait to get this thing basted and quilted! I will update you asap.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Ideas! Ideas! Ideas!

I was just going through my fabrics thinking of ideas for this custom order that I'm doing, and a lot of other ideas just kept popping up. This is not the right color scheme for my project, but it's fun anyways! I'm a sucker for pinks and greens.
This is also the beginnings of a quilt that I just can't wait to get started. I'm gonna mishmash a little bit of everything and some squares from a few different kits and different sized blocks just to see what happens. Sounds fun, doesn't it?

This is more along the color scheme of what I should have been doing. Don't worry, I got it all figured out and sent my horrible (let me repeat: horrible) sketch to my dear friend so she could have a gander. Generally, I do not sketch my ideas. I usually gather up all my fabrics and move 'em around until I like it. Unfortunately for me, I did not have all the fabrics at my disposal to do this. However, I was very excited with what I came up with and I couldn't wait for the fabrics to arrive on my doorstep, so I sent a picture of my "sketch" via the world wide web. Just in case any of you are curious about what a dreamt up: I decided on a bumper of Full Moon Polka Dots in Camel/Pink and Tree Peony in Pink. A patchwork crib quilt featuring Park Fountain, Trailing Cherries, Tree Peony, Full Moon Polka, Cloe's Imagination prints (see above left fabric) , and Underwater Sisters in Blush. Phew! Of course there will be 2 fitted sheets and a dust ruffle as well, but that will come later.

This One's Gonna be for Sale!

Yay! It's finished, although I don't think this one is going to Gabi. I think she needs a bigger quilt, one she can play on with plenty of room. This one's more like a car seat/stroller sized. But I do love it!

Here's the backing, the binding (white with itty bitty orange dots = so fun!), and the front fabric, of course

Thursday, May 28, 2009

I don't wanna cut 'em

I was trying to get some fabrics together for the Old Red Barn Co. quilt-along, which would have been my first one, but I'm still not sure if I'm game or not. I've got a lot to do. So far I have a couple custom orders in the works, which I'm thrilled about. I also have a million other works in progress. I also just decided that I need to make some of these adorable Wild Flower Pincushions, as well as some fun and funky coasters to protect my new coffee table. Anyways, back to the point: I don't want to cut my fabric but know that I need to in order to get more fabric...(so says the hubby) He just doesn't understand. This is not a lot of fabric, it's just a little taste, a little teaser of the immense possibilities out there, the millions of patterns and prints just calling out my name, praying for me to pick them and take them home. Thank goodness he hasn't noticed the laundry baskets piled high under the table...yet.
I really don't know how I get this fabric anyway, it just magically appears in front of me for my eyes to feast on. Strange, I know but for real...

Be Patient Bud...

The beginnings of Bud's quilt. These are probably some of my favorite blocks so far. They are so's also fun making a more masculine quilt.

Believe it or not there's only 12 blocks in there. I know. Crazy.


Just wanted to document this rare occasion, you can actually see the top of the table. My mom must have tidied it up...I think my chaos drives her nuts!

Being Productive Feels Kinda Good...

I used as many different prints for the binding as I could find. Not sure why, but I sure do like it.
I've decided that I like signing/labeling my quilts like this better than adding an actual label. For one, I went through a ton of muslin trying to get it juuuust right. Another reason: I think it adds more character...I signed my daughter's quilt on the front around one of the little framed squares...I love it. As for this quilt, I wish I would have thought about signing it on the curve of one of the circles. Oh well, too late now. (still love it)
Here she is: the "Happy Graduation" Quilt :) I love the colors, love the quilting, love the binding, love the signing, love the girl who's getting it. I hope she adores it as much as I do...Love you Eliza! Congratulations you beautiful girl!

Just another picture of this happy little quilt...

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

First Circles!

I used a disappearing 9 patch pattern for this quilt (which just happens to be another one of my favorites) and I decided to quilt it with circles. I used two different sized circles (the lid to my frying pan and my small dinner plate) and different colored thread for the two sizes. I absolutely love the way it turned out. Now I'm going to use the leftover pieces of fabric to create the binding and then it will be fini! Woohooo!

Quilts in Progress

So, I originally made this quilt for a baby shower, but it turns out that the colors were a little off for the nursery, so it went to the back burner. Now it is quilted and all it needs now is the binding...we'll see how long that takes (I have so many "better" projects ahead of me)

I love love LOVE this itty bitty quilt top! It's small, perfect for a car seat blanket or a lovey. I'm debating on whether or not I should add borders around it to make it a little bigger...(sigh) decisions decisions. What do you think?
I am making this fun little one for my niece Gabi. I hope she loves it! It's almost done.
I was at a loss as to how I should quilt this one. I finally landed on quilting the seams. Anything else just didn't do it for me.

This is my humble abode. We repainted our front room a little while ago (i know, the trim is still not up) and I had to make some pillows and a quilt to go of course!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Under Construction!

I must apologize...I'm in the middle of 5 projects at once and I just haven't had the time to add my new quilts and pictures and whathaveyou. But I will. Soon. I want to ohsobadly but for some reason the computer and the camera and me and the babykins just don't all cooperate at the same time. And I'm about to start tiling the backsplash in my kitchen (with mom's help). And I'm having a yard sale this weekend. And I'm working. And I'm trying to get a lot of sewing done before these ever-approaching open houses. And...

So please, my dear friends, hold tight, for there will be many more beautiful things to browse in the VERY near future...thank you!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Enchanted Forest Quilt

I like this quilt so much I decided to give it a permanent home right in my living room! For some reason it reminds me of "Where the Wild Things Are". Not sure why. But anyways, it's my Wild Thing Quilt.
This pic was taken before the binding went on. Now it's finished. I used the same blue fabric that frames in the prints for the binding.

Here's the back of Wild Thing before it was finished.

The One That Started it All!

So....this quilt is near and dear to my heart because it is the absolute very first quilt I ever made AND it was for my daughter. I love it. It's so soft and cuddly (and cute!) I was very impressed with myself, I'm not gonna lie. Go me. If you look really closely you can see my mitred corners and my hand-sewn, blind stitched binding.

This quilt is pretty big...big enough for me to use too!
...and the back.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

EuroBaby Quilt

I made this quilt for a gift at a baby (boy) shower. I fell in love with the Joel Dewberry fabrics and had some others in my stash to complete the quilt. I thought it had a little handsome European flair to it.

This backing matched my colors perfectly! It was a match made in heaven...

Sunshine and Bubblegum

This quilt is so much fun! I just love it. Looking at it makes me smile...I made this one for my niece Peyton; now she carries it with her wherever she goes!

A Perfect Blend of Pinks and Greens!

Here's one of my very firsts!
Pretty Pinks + Fun Greens = Sweet Satisfaction!

The pink/green combo makes this blankie sweet, but not too girly!