Friday, May 29, 2009

Ideas! Ideas! Ideas!

I was just going through my fabrics thinking of ideas for this custom order that I'm doing, and a lot of other ideas just kept popping up. This is not the right color scheme for my project, but it's fun anyways! I'm a sucker for pinks and greens.
This is also the beginnings of a quilt that I just can't wait to get started. I'm gonna mishmash a little bit of everything and some squares from a few different kits and different sized blocks just to see what happens. Sounds fun, doesn't it?

This is more along the color scheme of what I should have been doing. Don't worry, I got it all figured out and sent my horrible (let me repeat: horrible) sketch to my dear friend so she could have a gander. Generally, I do not sketch my ideas. I usually gather up all my fabrics and move 'em around until I like it. Unfortunately for me, I did not have all the fabrics at my disposal to do this. However, I was very excited with what I came up with and I couldn't wait for the fabrics to arrive on my doorstep, so I sent a picture of my "sketch" via the world wide web. Just in case any of you are curious about what a dreamt up: I decided on a bumper of Full Moon Polka Dots in Camel/Pink and Tree Peony in Pink. A patchwork crib quilt featuring Park Fountain, Trailing Cherries, Tree Peony, Full Moon Polka, Cloe's Imagination prints (see above left fabric) , and Underwater Sisters in Blush. Phew! Of course there will be 2 fitted sheets and a dust ruffle as well, but that will come later.

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  1. Wooooooo hoo I'm so excited! Looks absolutely perfect! You rock!!!!


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