Thursday, May 28, 2009

Being Productive Feels Kinda Good...

I used as many different prints for the binding as I could find. Not sure why, but I sure do like it.
I've decided that I like signing/labeling my quilts like this better than adding an actual label. For one, I went through a ton of muslin trying to get it juuuust right. Another reason: I think it adds more character...I signed my daughter's quilt on the front around one of the little framed squares...I love it. As for this quilt, I wish I would have thought about signing it on the curve of one of the circles. Oh well, too late now. (still love it)
Here she is: the "Happy Graduation" Quilt :) I love the colors, love the quilting, love the binding, love the signing, love the girl who's getting it. I hope she adores it as much as I do...Love you Eliza! Congratulations you beautiful girl!

Just another picture of this happy little quilt...


  1. i am putting in an order for one very similar to this one for our home! no big event, just because i love what you do and want to have a piece of you here in new york, with me. :)
    i love this color scheme.
    the browns, blues and greens are gorgeous, and i love the super-vintagey fabrics!

    and i want a cute little message written on mine, too. :)


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  3. Thank you so much for the quilt. It is absolutely gorgeous. The colors are perfect. I will treasure it forever! love you


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