Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Try-to-look-at-this-without-smiling Quilt :)

Here's my newest favorite! They're all my favorites. Forgive the bad lighting and that little shadow there, it was nighttime, but I was too excited to put this up to wait for the morning. This little guy started out pretty small, but I just felt like it wasn't finished. Then I decided to add some borders around the outside and it just looked fantastic, so I kept going. I think the extra touch brings out all the colors in the middle better. What do you think?

I had lots of fun with the backing. I used the fabrics from the sashing and then some from the main pattern to add in a little stripe. (ps I like stripes) Now I can't wait to get this thing basted and quilted! I will update you asap.


  1. You're right! Love the borders you have added to this quilt, but I also love a pieced back. That stripe running through it is really eye catching!

  2. I've never really tried a pieced back before just for fun (usually for necessity of more fabric) but I really like the way this turned out. It was fun...Thanks for your input!


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