Thursday, May 28, 2009

I don't wanna cut 'em

I was trying to get some fabrics together for the Old Red Barn Co. quilt-along, which would have been my first one, but I'm still not sure if I'm game or not. I've got a lot to do. So far I have a couple custom orders in the works, which I'm thrilled about. I also have a million other works in progress. I also just decided that I need to make some of these adorable Wild Flower Pincushions, as well as some fun and funky coasters to protect my new coffee table. Anyways, back to the point: I don't want to cut my fabric but know that I need to in order to get more fabric...(so says the hubby) He just doesn't understand. This is not a lot of fabric, it's just a little taste, a little teaser of the immense possibilities out there, the millions of patterns and prints just calling out my name, praying for me to pick them and take them home. Thank goodness he hasn't noticed the laundry baskets piled high under the table...yet.
I really don't know how I get this fabric anyway, it just magically appears in front of me for my eyes to feast on. Strange, I know but for real...


  1. Come on, join, join, join! (peer pressure.) None of us ever have time but hey, can you really pass up the opportunity for some prizes along the way? -wink-

  2. I know. I should. I really, really should. I want to. Ok, you got me on the prizes. Heck, maybe I'll learn something, too :)


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