Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Lost Boys Quilt

I started this quilt and finished it in just one day! I love it, too. I used some squares left over from my Old Red Barn Co. Quilt-along quilt, cut them up and sewed them all back together, and the rest is scraps! The Amy Butler blue/grey dot fabric was from my stash. But still. I named it "The Lost Boys Quilt" because it totally reminds me of little boys playing out in the woods lost in their imaginations for hours and hours, never wanting to come home (or grow up!). You can purchase this quilt HERE in my Etsy shop! Yay!
You can't really see it very well in these pictures, but I tried a new quilting pattern. I went with a squared off wonky spiral for the whole thing. It starts out off of center and then just goes and goes. I think it matches the style of the quilt perfectly. I'm REALLY happy with it! Measurements: 41"x 41"

I superdooper love how all the colors and patterns and prints and goodness come together in this quilt. This is my favorite corner:
I think I love the back just as much as I love the front. I used even more scraps to make both sides all tie together.

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