Wednesday, March 16, 2011

It's Beginning to Feel a Lot Like Springtime...

There was finally a nice spring-y little something in the air today...
So I just had to open the windows and let it in the house, of course.
It was lovely.
There's nothing like breathing in crisp, fresh air when you're inside your house.
And the way the sun was coming through my front window made me want to get out my camera and play while Willow was napping.
I love old things.
Especially old furniture, old wooden spools of silky thread, and old glassware.
Oh, and velvet things. I like velvet things, too.
I do not like antiques, however.
'Old things' and 'antiques' are not to be confused with each other.
What's the difference?
I don't really know... I couldn't tell you.
But there certainly is a difference.

While I was playing with my old things and my camera, I remembered that I had a new thing to share!

The Anjou Spring Dress

I was inspired somewhat by these, which I just love.
But I was mostly inspired by these old things I've been sorting into fun little piles.
Do you ever do that?
Unnecessarily sort things?
I just re-sort and re-organize for no good reason at all... just because.
It makes me happy.

And that awesome fabric just had to be put to good use, right?
And I didn't want to cut it all up... too pretty.
And when it came in the mail Willow shouted,
"For ME? I LOVE it, Mom!"
So, there you have it, the combined inspirations for a fabulous little girl dress.

I just sort of pulled bits and pieces from different dresses I liked to come up with this one.
I guess you could call it somewhat of an experiment.
The bunching of the sheer/mesh yellow polka dot fabric was definitely a new thing for me.
I really loved how it turned out and the texture it added to the dress.
I either got it at a yard sale or on the clearance shelf at a fabric shop because I have lots and lots of it and I don't know why else I would have bought it!

The flower brooch was put together using some raw silk, velvet ribbon, and that pretty little bloom.
And it's detachable for washing :)

I can't wait for Willow to wear this dress out and about!
I also think it would make the perfect Easter dress!

If you don't have your Easter dress yet, don't worry!
I'm still taking orders.
You can order yours using the drop-down menu on the right side of the page.
Or, if you're interested in having something like The Anjou Spring Dress, email me at
and we'll whip something up that's one-of-a-kind for your little one!

Go open your windows because Spring is in the air!

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  1. Madison, this dress is so beautiful. I am in awe of your talent, dear one!!


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