Sunday, March 27, 2011

Lazy Sunday Giveaway!

Ok, as promised, I present you with the first Lazy Sunday Giveaway...
aren't you so happy?

In my opinion, Sundays are for hanging out and being completely lazy without feeling guilty.
If you get stuff done around the house, good for you, that's a bonus.
If not, good for you,
for you are embracing the spirit of the Lazy Sunday.
Oh, and Lazy Sundays are perfect for catching a midday kitchen performance by your favorite little performer.
Sunday kitchen performances

Just in case you didn't know that already.
Sunday kitchen performance 2
The crossed legs in this picture kills me. I love it.

So in order for you to win some stuff while being lazy on Sunday
(sounds like multi-tasking to me...)
I'm going to be giving some fun things away.

Willow, totally embracing the lazy vibe.

Yay for you.

Here's how it will work.
The gifts will always change.
Never the same thing twice, because that is boring.
Sometimes you will know exactly what the prize is, sometimes you won't.
But you will always know that it will include something handmade by yours truly.
It may be big, it may be small, but it will always be awesome.
And I'm fairly certain you will always be happy with your giveaway win.
I aim to please.
Which is definitely good for you.
Sometimes the rules might change for entering... I'm just winging it.

This week's giveaway is for this little lovely:

It's a 21x21" pieced pillow cover.
I believe there's some Heather Bailey in there as well as some Amy Butler fabric.
It's pretty cute.
And it's pretty big!

So, if you want to have a chance at winning it,
all you have to do is leave a comment under this post.
Anybody can enter... go for it. You just might get lucky!
I'll pick the winner on Wednesday!!

That's it!
Say whatever you want.
Be creative.
Make me laugh.
But don't over-exert yourself... it is Lazy Sunday after all.


  1. VERY FUN!! how about an easter dress give away. Come on, I know you want to. OOh and even a matching tie for a special little guy!!

  2. You have captured Willow's essence in the pictures of her dancing. But then I saw the one of her in the window seat and my heart just melted... I'm with you about lazy Sundays. The less I accomplish on a Sunday, the more I feel it has been a truly perfect day. Enjoy your Sunday.

  3. Madison you are truly gifted and i LOVE lazy sundays!

  4. I wish I could be lazy today, but I had to work. Home now though so its time to chillaxx with rylee-boo. miss yalll! and the pillow is too cute!

  5. Yay!! That pillow would compliment my Easter photo shoot prop collection nicely!!! I'd love to have it! :o)

  6. What a great cheery pillow!
    Well instead of being lazy today I got to stare at Ty Pettington's butt crack most of the day. (does that make you laugh?) it's true, I really did! ;)

  7. what a happy happy pillow.

    my lazy Sunday was spent catching up on DVR'd shows while waiting for my Hubby and baby girl to get home from Tennessee.

  8. My comment is that every time you post, it makes me smile. Your humor, your love and your talent just shine.

    (And I might have a few scraps of some of the fabrics for your quilt. I'll see what I have...)

    xo Nancy

  9. I love the pillow and really love all the pictures of your beautiful daughter! I have a feeling her and my son, Max, would be a great match of much trouble!

  10. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this pillow!!! :)

  11. You are awesome .. and one day I aspire to be as awesome as you! Love everything you do!

  12. Ok, there is one picture in here that Willow looks like her aunt Tracy!!!! Do you guys see that ever? :-)

    Anyway...can't wait to see Y'all Soon!!!!

    Love, Great Aunt Jen

  13. My lazy Sunday was spent doing our baby registry (not so lazy). Like I told you- SO glad you are making my stuff!

  14. Rachel MischloneyMarch 29, 2011 at 2:23 PM

    All your fun creations motivated me to finally finish up some of my own projects! Your stuff is so fun I love it! :)

  15. My lazy Sunday was spent picking out new Stamping stuff so I can get my card making on!

    Christina M

  16. Willow looks like she is enjoying her lazy Sunday....I love this pillow cover just my kind of colors.....

  17. It was so good to see you and Willow at Little Joe's last week!! You guys should stop in more often :) Hope all is well!!


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