Saturday, March 26, 2011

Weekend Plans.

This weekend is the Hubby's birthday weekend.
He's so anti-birthday it's not even funny.
But, since he married me, we celebrate birthdays anyway!
Whether you like it or not.
Seriously, who doesn't love a reason to celebrate?

Happy Birthday Babe!!

I'm planning on making him some delish homemade brownies to take to work with him on Monday.
Yeah, I'm sure he'll just love that.

Besides all the birthday hullabaloo (or lack thereof), I've actually been getting some quality sewing time in.
I'm really not sure how.
And to top it all off, my house is clean AND I've been making amazing dinners
every. single. night.

I blame it all on the latest Cooking Light magazine.
I picked it up during last week's Story Time at the bookstore.
(I suggest you go out and grab a copy.)
I honestly don't even know why we still go to Story Time.
Willow just turns around the opposite way of all the other kids on the bench and reads her own story.
For real.
She won't sing the songs.
She won't play the games.
I'm pretty sure she's only in it for the craft projects and the blueberry muffin.
That's my girl...

I've been completing projects and that feels good.



Basting stitches:
(more on this later...)

And some other stuff that I can't quite show you yet...

And to all the people who helped me out with the String Quilt/9-patch Quilt situation, Thanks!
I'll show you which one I went with tomorrow....
(isn't that sneaky?)

And, speaking of tomorrows...
Tomorrow is Sunday and I think I'm going to do some
Lazy Sunday Giveaways
for the next couple of weeks or so, just to see how it goes.
If you people like it, it might just stick around for a while.

What is Lazy Sunday you ask?
It's a title I made up for Sunday, duh.
So come back tomorrow to see if being lazy wins you anything, k?


  1. Lazy Sundays sound fun!
    What do you do basting stitches for? Is that for applique? or hand quilting? just curious...

  2. I used basting stitches to attach my Dresden Plates to my foundation fabric because I am going to be hand-quilting the whole quilt (eek!!)- wish me luck!!


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