Friday, February 25, 2011


Despite the weirdness, I have been getting quite a bit done around here.
I guess I've gotten used to it :)

The latest completions are a couple of quilts I made for my niece and nephew all the way in Virginia.
(ps: I really miss Virginia.)

For some reason, I always take a lot of pictures of the process of making quilts...
I'm not sure why.
Maybe in the back of my head I want to make a tutorial one day.
Who knows.
But when it comes to finally writing a post about the quilt I finally finished, I never use the process pics.
For all you know, I could be buying quilts elsewhere and saying they're mine!
I assure you, that's not the case.
I have the pics to prove it and from now on I think I will be showing more of them.

Here's some chain-piecing taking place:
(check out my new cutting mat!! I finally got a good one!)

And here are some rows all finished and waiting to be pressed:
Apparently, I skipped quite a few pics between the last one and the next one,
the completely finished quilt.
And that, ladies and gentlemen, is probably why I haven't ever written a tutorial to date.
I forget what I'm doing and just sew.

Triston's finished quilt:
I did some straight line quilting on the diagonal to show off the triangles a bit.
1/4" from either side of each seam.
And I extended the quilt with a wide border on 2 sides of the quilt and added a little interest with some "rebel" triangles.
While making the quilt I labeled those 2 pieces my "little rebels", and it stuck.
I think the asymmetry gives the quilt a more modern look.
And it shakes things up a bit.
Which I totally dig.
And, of course, a little hand-stitched label so Triston knows how much I love him :)
It's a nice baby-size quilt at 34x45", machine quilted and machine-stitched binding.

And here's Gabi's quilt:
I started this quilt quite a long time ago, but never got around to finishing it.
Gabi loves everything pink, so when my sister said she needed another quilt, I thought this one would be perfect.
And to make it even more Gabi-ish, I bound it with some pink zebra print fabric.

For the quilting, I used orange and pink thread and went 1/4" away around the outside edges of the squares, twice.
That sounds confusing. I don't know how else to word it.
I doubt you're really that interested anyway, so I'm going to leave it and move on.
Gabi gets a label, of course.
Have to keep it fair.
This quilt is about 51x51", machine quilted and machine-stitched binding.

I've also made some headway on Willow's Dresden Plate quilt top...
but more on that later because I just realized the water has been running in my bathroom for much longer than it takes to wash little hands,
which never ever means anything good.

Happy Weekend!

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