Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A Very Special Baby Quilt and Belated Happy Valentine's Day.

I have finished my little girl's baby quilt.
And I am IN LOVE with it.
It's tied for my favorite with this quilt...the very first quilt I ever made for Willow.

This pretty little number is a string quilt using all the scraps I used to make the Dresden Plates for Willow's new quilt.
I used the paper-piecing method, and there's a pretty good tutorial here.
I modified mine a bit, but who doesn't?
There were 24 string blocks (7" unfinished) and then I used some stashed fabric to make borders around the outside.
(Anna Maria Horner Garden Party, Valori Wells, and some more Anna Maria Horner)

And, as per usual over here lately, I only used scraps and stash fabrics.
I used the same fabric (Ta Dot in Sea) for the center strip in each string block that I am going to use as the background for Willow's twin-size Dresden Plate quilt, so that there will be some similarity between the two quilts since they'll be sharing a room.
And because there's SO many different kinds of fabrics in each one...


And for the back I just used some stashed Anna Maria Horner Garden Party, some Heather Bailey Tiled Primrose from the Pop Garden/Bijoux collection, which I also used for the binding, and some Amy Butler Sandlewood from her Love collection.
As for the quilting, I really wanted to highlight the 'squares' or 'diamonds' that the string blocks made once all put together... I really didn't want to chop them up in any way with quilting lines.
So, I decided to quilt 1/4" on the inside of the center strips that made up each square.
And then the same 1/4" inside for the triangles on the sides and corners.
There ended up being no intersecting quilting lines, which is exactly what I wanted.
I tried to show you what I'm talking about... if you even really care, that is.

Yesterday was Valentine's Day!
My hubby and I don't really do anything for Valentine's Day.
I know it sounds weird, but I like it like that.
Ok, it's not like we do nothing.
I always make him his mom's recipe no-bake cookies and a super-cheesy, way over the top valentine.
I think he secretly loves them. I really do.
He stares at them for a really long time with silly grin on his face... and that's how I know :)

I decided to put them all in a scrapbook this year so they don't get lost...
I mean, we're talking like 7 years worth of some serious Valentines.
I think they're worth saving... now I just have to find that 'spot' where I put them so that they could be found again.
So far I have found the one from 2009.
That's it.
The search is on.

I liked making Drew's Valentine even more this year because Willow wanted to make one too:

...and it is AWESOME.

I love that she loves to do "projits" with me.
It's like the best thing ever.
And she thinks she's the bomb when I let her use her own glue stick and her own scissors.
All she wanted to do yesterday was make Daddy's "Balentine", ride her bike to the movie store to pick out "Pickle Me" (aka 'Despicable Me'), and then wait for Daddy to get home from work so we could watch the movie in our jammies, with popcorn and macaroni and cheese.

So, that's exactly what we did!

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