Sunday, February 20, 2011

Pink and Shades of Grey

Here's the latest nursery set!
This one was pretty fun to make... the colors weren't my usual palette, and I hardly ever use black, but I think it turned out really pretty :)
The customer really wanted a pink and grey fabric, but for some reason that color combo is hard to come by in the same print.
No worries, however, I solved the problem by dyeing some Dandelion in Stone pink!
It took a lot of trial runs, but I think it turned out just the perfect shade.
You can't really tell in the above picture, but the reversible bumper is the dyed pink/grey Dandelion fabric and some light pink Minky fabric with black bumper ties.

And for the quilt I used a bunch of different light pink and grey fabrics to get a really nice patchwork going.
I even dyed some of the baby pink Damask fabric (can't remember the designer...) different shades of grey.
And then I bound the whole quilt in black. I believe the new momma said it was like, "mascara on eyelashes", which I thought was very fitting :)
The back is pieced with some of the fabrics used throughout the set, and then I stitched on an embroidered label in the bottom corner.
I did my usual 1/4" quilting on either side of the seams... I think it's my favorite for patchwork quilts.
Even though the label itself is embroidered, I hand-stitched it on with some light pink floss to add a special little handmade touch...
Gotta love special touches :)

Oh, and to finish it all off, the crib skirt was a extra-full (read: extra girly) and pieced with Primrose in pink and Dandelion in stone with a thick black border on the bottom edge.
Originally, the black wasn't part of the nursery set at all, but when I started to put everything together as discussed, the set really looked like it was missing something.

When the mom-to-be told me the nursery furniture was black, I knew we had to make a little switcheroo and throw in the black accents.
Thankfully, even though final decisions had been made, she was willing to trust my suggestions and I think it really made a huge difference in the overall look of the set:
sweet but contemporary and very custom :)

Here's to Mommy Abby and Baby Ryann (who I think is due any day now!), I hope you love your nursery bedding.

"From small beginnings come great things..."

If anyone is interested in ordering their own custom nursery set, please email me at
and we'll get to work making your dream bedding!


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