Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Willow and I are sick.
It's crappy.
All she wants to do is eat popsicles.
We don't have any popsicles.
I happen to look like death, so I doubt we'll be venturing out for popsicles any time soon.

We just have some pretty bad cough/cold situations.
Thank goodness we don't have the flu.
That would be way crappier.
Oh, and I sound like a 80-year-old woman who's been smoking since her teens.
Not pretty.

And, Willow keeps tricking me.
I think she's coming in for a hug, some nice momma-lovin' with her said little sickie-face...
and then she just uses me as a snot rag.
Not nice.
I've gone through several shirts today.

Despite the sickies, I've got some fun things to share.
These cute little pants for my soon-to-be nephew, Cash:

Aren't they so much fun?
And each pair is reversible... so it's like she got 8 pairs of pants instead of 4!
I can't wait to make them in little girly colors for my lovie...
I used the Quick Change Trousers pattern from AMH's Handmade Beginnings book.
Let me tell you... SO EASY!
I didn't plan on making so many pairs, but I did.
That's how easy/quick/fun they are to make.
And then I made little onesies to match all of them:

I don't have the best pictures, I know.
I was in a crazy hurry to send these to Texas in time for my sister's shower.
I had to harass her for a week for an address...
and then when I finally got it from her, she gave me the wrong zip so the box didn't even get there in time :(
I was bummed.
I'm missing my sister... ever have those days?
Especially right now, because we're both preggers... due less than 4 weeks apart.
Which would be totally fun IF one of us didn't live in Texas and the other in Michigan.
And, since our due dates are so close, I can't be there for Baby Cash's delivery, she can't be here for mine.
Double bummer.
I'm totally jealous of my mom.
She's going to Texas for 2 weeks.
She gets to be there.
Not fair.
Yup, I'm gonna whine about because I want to and I'm sick so I can.

Ok, on with it.
I've also got this little pillow cover to share:
Rachel's Dresden Pillow

It's actually on its way to Rachel of p.s. i quilt as we speak...
She needed one.
It's similar to the Happy Pillow I made earlier this year.
Dresden Pillows 2
Rachel's on the left, Happy Pillow on the right

And, I added some hand-stitching like I did on the Happy Pillow as well.
Dresden Pillow hand-stitching

I'm slightly addicted to hand-quilting these days.
And I must say, practice does make perfect.
Not that my stitches are perfect... just saying I definitely see a difference from my first projects.
If anyone is looking into trying out hand-quilting, I suggest checking this out.
It's oh-so-helpful and Anna Maria Horner is the bomb, obviously.
I seem to be finding other things to hand-quilt instead of my big huge projects that I should be working on... namely the girls' quilts.
I need to get on those.
Time is running out.

Oh, other fun news!
My Hunting Camp Quilt was featured over at Modern Day Quilts!
Go check out all the other super-cool quilts, there's LOTS!

And if you haven't entered already, go enter yourself in the

I think that's about all for today...


  1. Those little pants are adorable! I am a beginner sewer--too much for me, or do you think I could swing it? What about the other projects in the book? I've made simple curtains, burpcloths, changing pads, and cloth wipes, but nothing more extravagant.

  2. Those baby pants are a sure winner!! Soooo adorable. Great for girls or boys. Every mom needs a dozen!! How easy would that be? The tops look cute, too...so many possibilities. Thanks for sharing. I love your blog!

  3. Brandon and Lisa: I totally think you could swing it! It really is so simple! I just traced the pattern from the book onto some wax paper...the trickiest part is turning them inside out! (or right-side out...hmm). The other projects are great too, and they are for every sewing level. I highly suggest the book! And I think it's on sale at amazon.com, too :)

  4. Thanks WillowBean! -lisa (The fact that you addressed this to Brandon too made me laugh... I don't think he even knows how to turn ON the sewing machine! haha)

  5. Well, you never know! Haha... maybe he is a budding seamstress just waiting for his chance!

  6. I love your color choices for these. Where do you get your fabrics? Or who is the designer for them. You have a lot of great things!!


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