Friday, April 15, 2011

Newest Completion...

I love this latest nursery set.
Love. Love. Love.
It kind of makes we want a little boy.


Let's see.
There's mostly Anna Maria Horner Garden Party and Good Folks, some Joel Dewberry Modern Meadow...

... and a little bit of Amy Butler and Laura Gunn in the quilt.
Handsome Baby Boy Quilt
Just a simple patchwork design with a larger outside border.
And then a bright orange binding (JD Nap sack in sunset) to accent everything.

The back of the quilt is also one of my favorites:
Handsome Baby Boy Quilt Back
I just love those trees.
This back just makes me want to make a quilt front like this!

And here's the hand-stitched label:
Handsome Baby Boy Quilt Label

Isn't that a cute quote?
The momma picked that one out.
I had a little bit of fun with the colors...

And a quilt roll for good measure!
Handsome Baby Boy Quilt Roll

Quilt stats:
machine quilted 1/4" from either side of seams
I used a grey Gutermann thread for the quilting
machine stitched binding
pieced back



So, there you go!
Alli, I hope you love it.
(And if you want to send me a pic with your little man all wrapped up in it when he finally gets here, that would be fantastic.)

If anyone is interested in their own WillowBean Creations Custom Nursery Set
(for boys or girls or surprises)
please check out the nursery set listings in my Etsy Store!

Or email me directly at

Happy Friday!


  1. Ahhhh!! I absolutely LOVE it!! Thank you SO much! I can’t wait to get my hands on it and complete the nursery. I will definitely send you pictures once we get everything put together and the little man arrives. Time is flying by now :)

    And I love the message on the back – perfect!

  2. Adorable! You always do just wonderful work!

  3. Madison its beautiful!!! If we have anymore kiddos I think I will have to order one! Love you and hope you, Drew, Willow and baby girl are doing wonderfully!!!!


  4. Alli- I'm so glad you love it... just wait until it arrives. It's SO soft!

  5. Jen: Thanks! You will be getting something in the mail these next few days too!

    Christine: More kids? I thought you guys were done at 2! The more the merrier... and you better order one from me :)

  6. I also love it! It is so wonderful to be able to see where my grandson will be sleeping, of course when he is not in the arms of his mom and dad or grandparents!
    Your fabrics and color combinations are lovely and truly display your talents. Looking forward to touching it and seeing it in person very soon. ~Grammie T

  7. Grammie T! I'm so happy to have a grandma's approval! Thank you SO much... and I bet he'll be spending more time in arms than in his crib for a loooong time :) Thanks!


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