Friday, April 22, 2011

Quilts and Mob Connections. And a Budget.

I don't know why,
but I've decided to join twin fibers' quilt along.
Here's the flickr group if you want to join in the fun too!
I already have a lot of things on my plate, but I just can't pass up making some more quilts for my girls...
And I haven't done a quilt along in a VERY long time
-it's nice to work off of somebody else's ideas, see how they do things, learn new tricks, etc.-
I think it adds to the big ol' bundle of Quilt Knowledge somehow.
And if not, I'll get 2 really cute quilts out of it, right?

I like that Jessica put up some fabric measurements for a scrappy version.
I'm all about using up those scraps!
Mod Times Quilt Along- Scraps Version
The only thing I'm not sure about is the fabric for the borders and the background.
I don't want to use white-duh.
To me, white is a no-no.
I was thinking some sort of solid or crossweave for the borders and then a smaller print for the background fabric.
Any suggestions?

I might use this vintage sheet for the backs of the quilts.
You know, the one I picked up for $2?
Willow put the 'ballerina'
(I'm preeetty sure that's a student-she's holding an apple-but whatever)
on top 'for protection'.
Are we in the mob now? Why do we need protection?
And is this ballerina-slash-kindergardener really going to put the smack down if necessary?
We'll see.
I'll let you know how it goes... that is if we make it out alive, of course.

This whole nursery room/big girl room on a budget thing is working out quite nicely.

I took this sad/grumpy little lamp and hooked it up with some spray paint and a new 'do.
It cleans up nice, right?
lamp before and after

I used the spray paint that I bought on a whim, and the lamp and shade I already owned.
Then I just recovered the lampshade in some AMH fabric from my stash...
Happy Lamp!

And I just bought 16 of these from Anthropologie clearance
to go on 2 cute and adorable matching antique dressers
(thanks Grandma Ruthie and Papa Frank)
that will soon be transformed into pink and wonderful goodness!
I had an anthro gift card, so I don't think that counts against my budget, does it?
I'm saying no.

So far I've dug into my $200 budget by:
spray paint: $3.44
vintage sheet: $2.11
striped twin sheet set for Big Girl Bed: $25.00
shipping for new anthro dresser knobs: $5.95
That's $36.50 spoken for.
I'm happy with that.
The biggest chunk out of the budget is going to be the paint for the walls and ceilings...
and maybe the floor if there's enough left over :)
Oh, and a crib, of course.

You have until midnight tonight to sign up for the
(It's an entire quilt kit!)
Anybody can enter to win, just leave a comment and make sure I can reach you (email).
Winner will be announced Saturday!
Good luck!!


  1. Yep I am pretty sure thats a student from little people cause Easton my three year old told me over my shoulder, But maybe she is FBI and is undercover. haha too cute. I love the tranformed lamp.

  2. I love the lamp! Perhaps a very dumb question, but how did you adhere the material to the lampshade? I have some extremely boring lampshades that need new life breathed into them. I already painted the bases silver, which I love, but now they need some spunk, and you all are about spunk. Have I told you lately how much I look forward to reading your posts? :)

  3. To recover a lampshade you just need some fabric, a pencil, some scissors, spray adhesive, and a little bit of fabric glue to adhere the seam and the top and bottom edges. It's not too difficult and it can make a huge difference!


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