Saturday, April 30, 2011

I'm Better.

Well, I'm glad I got that out of my system.
There's nothing like a sunny day, a midday nap and a late-night photo-editing session to cure a case of the blahs.
Am I right?


Today was great.
I absolutely love this picture. L-O-V-E-love-it.

The hubby took Willow out on the town so I could take a nap.
It was glorious.
(Naps are so underrated. SO.)

Apparently, he took her to Chuck E. Cheese's
- but he said there was a kid there who smelled like poo-
so they left and went to the park.
Daddy time is Daddy time, no matter what you're doing.
And Willow came back glowing... that's what counts.


The weather was nice and springy- finally.
So, of course we had to go and officially celebrate.
mmm... spring.

Willow kept saying,
"I want sprinkles. You know, because it's Spring now. Springkles."
Man, I love her.


She's just getting so big...
Ice cream...
so fast.


I got some more work done on the Big Girl Room/Nursery.
I can't wait to show some pictures.
Just to give you an idea of what we started with:
Lots of work.
I've got lots and lots of before and after shots to show.
Oh, and I'm still under budget!!
Yaaaaay me!


I just went through and edited a bunch of pics from April,
including Easter,
which I just realized I never even posted about.
And to be quite honest, I may never get to an Easter post.
So, how about I just share my favorite pictures?
I think we all know what happened, right?

There were some Easter egg hunts:
Happy Easter 2011
Willow would find and egg, inspect its contents, and move on. Not the fastest egg hunter...

Favorite cousins:
Happy Easter Cousins

Photo ops:
I also happen to adore this picture. It's like Big Version, Little Version.

And photo ops:
Madison and Drew Easter
Not a fan of how humongous this dress makes me look, (yeah, like it's the dress), but there are hardly any pictures of me and the hubby during this pregnancy... so there you have it.

And more photo ops:
I can't wait to frame this one. We really need to update our photo wall. It's almost like time stopped or something. Creepy...

Basically, life is good... and I'm better.
Also going up on the photo wall.

I'll have some actual sewing things to post later.
Because I do still do that.
You know... sew.

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