Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Truth Is...

I've been writing posts in my head.
You see, according to me, I've been keeping up to date with all this blogging stuff.
I need to remember to actually write those mind-posts down so that I can look back and remember...

I write this blog more for me and for my kids and for my wanting to remember all the little stuff.

Willow the (grumpy) carpenter
Willow the (grumpy) carpenter

I don't write a diary.
Although I do have about 15 really pretty ones with about one entry a piece.
I don't have baby books for the girl- soon to be girls- with an 's'.
I know. Weird.
Yeah, don't judge.
All of our pictures are on the computer,
and even though they are backed up,
there's just something about the possibility of losing them that makes
my heart race and my hands shake for just a split second.
And I'm sure my eyes get all wide and scared-looking.

Polka dot Willow
She's dressing herself now... this is tame.

Back to the point... I'm realizing this is how I will keep memories.
I never thought I would be
or ever really even wanted to be a 'blogger'
- it just sounds so... dumb.
Really, it does.
Please don't ever call me that.
However, this is where I get to write, sound off, dish, express, show off, relate, and be me.
And those things are very important.

So, I think I last left off a while ago.
I was recuperating from my daughter.
Ha, that sounds so awful. But true. I really was.

It's been kind of surreal over here.
I can definitely feel a real change happening.
Winter has turned to Spring, although very briefly, and now we're heading into Summer.
I love Summer.

We are realizing that this family of 3 will become a family of 4 in just a matter of days...
We've known this for 9 months, but now it's just so immediate.
So about-to-happen-any-minute.

Rooms are being rearranged to accommodate a Big Sister and a new baby...
The nursery/big girl room is almost done and I can't wait to show pictures
(and brag about my good deals)
No. But really. I found a brand new crib for $29.99.
Not kidding.
And just wait to see what I did with the rest of the room...

Willow is all of a sudden changing from our baby into a little girl.
A girl.
It's this unexplainable transformation...
our little one is growing up just in time for us to add another little one.

Willow's cousin Peyton took this picture. I love it.

And she has a new morning ritual which seriously melts my heart every. single. time.
When the hubby leaves for work, she's right there, ready and waiting,
to chase him out the door so she can give him a
'car smooch'.
morning rituals

She's very particular about how it must go, and he knows exactly how it's supposed to work.
He has to get in the car,
she gets to shut the door for him,
then he has to start the car,
she bangs on the window,
he opens it,
and then she tippy-toes waaay up and he leans waaay out
and they smooch.
Sometimes once, sometimes 3 times.
It's usually Drew who asks for 'just one more time'.

And I get to watch all the magic from the front porch.
I get to see both their faces.
I'm pretty sure it's the best way to start the day in the whole world.

Oh, and there was somewhat of a family reunion this weekend on my hubby's side.
Remember Leesburg?
Well, it was kinda like that- but better.
They get better every time.
They really do.
The reason this time,
not that they really need one,
but we all got together for his Aunt Kris' wedding.
And then some.

It included:
Jammied, coffee-fueled mornings.
Way too many kids (and grown ups) on the 'Boing Boing'. (aka trampoline)
Impromptu dress-up sessions accompanied by mini concerts.
Patio talks.
In-depth, tear-streaked conversations.
"When did that happen?"s and "I can't believe it"s about all the beautiful young women that were just little girls last time around.
Lots of laughter.
Lots of love.
Tons of memories- old being relived and new ones being made.
Babies being passed from person to person.
Sharing birth stories.
Anticipating the arrival of new babies...
Oh, and a wedding!
I can't believe it all got smooshed into one weekend.

And since I barely took any pictures (I know- I'm so bummed)- I can just send you here.
And here.
And even here to check it all out.
Thankfully, Drew's cousin Kelle is an amazing photographer and captured every single little moment.
Every one.
I did manage to snap a few, however.
Willow and Peyton :)

And she got to meet her cousins... Lainey and Nella (above with Uncle Tim) for the first time.
They came all the way from Florida.
Willow asked me today if she could take Lainey and Nella to story time today, wearing tutus.
That girl loves her cousins.

Speaking of cousins, the Virginia family all got to meet Baby Gabey for the first time.
He's also known as Uncle Ferguson, Mr. Grunts, Cornelius, Eduardo Fiesta Montego, Creepy Snakes,
and basically any other name BUT his own.
It's this weird thing my hubby and his brother do.
They don't use anybody's real names.
It's very confusing to others, but I find it absolutely hilarious.
Uncle Graham (or Jan, Kelly, Linda, Remus, Darryl, Rita etc.)
has called Willow 'Edna Jo' since birth.
Pretty, right?
Oh, and Francis! He love to call her Francis as well.
And Drew is fond of calling her Fanny, Lady Fanny, Lady,
Ung Lady
(not to be confused with Young Lady- totally different)
Nugget, Silly, Silly Nugget, Chuchumunga, Chuchy... and the list just goes on and on. And on.

I've learned over the years, especially through family reunions, that it's a genetic disorder.
Everybody has a different name.
Even dogs.
Nobody's safe.

And last, but certainly not least, my sister Chloƫ is about to have her baby boy.
I mean, I don't want to jinx it, but her due date was Sunday, so what's there to lose at this point, right?
She's SO over being pregnant.
And SO ready to go into labor.
And SO hot in the 105 degree heat.
My mom's with her all the way in Texas.
And they're just waiting.
Catching up, having fun and waiting.
All without me.
Because I'm due in 16 days.

In typical Chloƫ fashion,
my sister warned me that if I had my baby before she had hers she would never let me live it down and would always hold it against me.
And I totally believe her.
So I will do my best.

And I am SO tempted to show you a picture of her that she just sent me, 3 days overdue.
But I won't.
Because I'm a good sister and I don't want her to hold that against me either.


  1. tears streaming down my face as I read about the morning kisses for daddy. So sweet!! Precious memories you will never forget!

    Can't wait to see the room(s) and the deal of a crib! Love good deals!

    Good luck with the new baby girl and the delivery. Thoughts are with you and your family.

  2. Beautiful pictures, Madi! Especially love the one of daddy/daughter kisses. So precious...

  3. Something to look into. You can have your blog made into a book every so often.

  4. I get tears in my eyes when I read your blogs, Madi. Often tears of laughter, and other times, like today, they simply represent pure joy at being able to share in your love-filled life in this amazing way. Keep writing!!


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