Thursday, July 8, 2010

I Have No Words...

Well, that's not entirely true.
I have lots of words (ask the hubs)... but none that could fully convey to you the awesomeness that was Leesburg.

I know I won't be able to tell you all about the amazing coffee mornings that were so mystical I hurried to grab my mug in the morning so I wouldn't miss a thing.... bedhead, glasses, mascara-eyes and all....
...or the city of air mattresses and makeshift beds that you'd have to see to believe, especially the cheap one we sacrificed for a few mornings of usually-forbidden-trampoline-fun-but-let's-live-it-up-because-it's-not-all-that-often-when-every-cousin-in-the-world-is-here-to-play-with action...
...or about the beautiful music, the harmonies, and the doxology that somehow made me cry and my lips quiver when I tried to sing the 'o's and then I just gave up and tried to mouth the lyrics but my lips still quivered anyways....
...or the newfound cousins that equalled instant playmates...
...or the love, love, and more love.

I knew I couldn't describe the sleepy babies that were having just too much fun for a nap because they had to squeeze every little ounce of fun into the few days we shared...

...or how the boys looked more like long lost twins than cousins and made parachutes out of shopping bags and threw them over anything for hours and hours.

Nothing can describe the beautiful moments like these...
... and these...
... and especially these...
...or the look in Grandpa's eyes when he told a joke and everybody laughed.

I definitely can't explain how amazingly cute this is:
or this:
...or that little baby bump right there and the smile on Graham's face.
Then there's all those moments that weren't caught on film... or memory card is more fitting, I guess.
Like staying up late at night sharing favorite blogs and talking about being moms and wishes and dreams and hopes and fears, and having so much in common that
"wow, what a small world"
might as well be your motto for the night.
Or how Grandma requested a dance party with "no devil music" so she could dance the night away with her grandkids in their pjs, and how Bryce obliged and put together a playlist she approved of and we all danced like crazy.
-It was a blast by the way-
And somehow, nobody was in charge of their own children, but it was ok because you knew that everyone in that house loves your kid like they love their own so they would be just fine.

And somewhere, wrapped up in all that fun, there were 4th of July fireworks.
And I think it's very important for everyone to know that fireworks are on my
'Top 5 List of Best Things of All Time'
... and that my favorite kinds are the big thunder boomers that shake your insides and the ones that look like Willow trees.

But I also love how the total darkness disappears when a firework explodes and you can see the different looks on peoples' faces...
that's pretty cool, too.

Oh, and remember all those pictures I wanted to get? Remember how I went on an on about how adorable little cuties are in their Independence Day dresses with their tans and yadayadayada.
Life happens, and sometimes the only picture we get of our lovey in all her 4th of July cuteness is in the pitch black after you remembered that you made her dress specifically for a photo op so you sit there fiddling with your newfangled camera with 541354324 different buttons trying to get a picture to register without a single ounce of light.
Well..... take a look.
On the upside... I think it has turned out to be one of my faves.

So, because I couldn't even come close to summarizing our amazing-fun-and-love-filled weekend for you, I thought I'd just give you the pictures and let you see for yourself.


  1. My amazing and thoughtful are such a treasure. It makes me weep with joy to see that you are noticing the "bigness" of all the small moments in your life. That's what it's all about...those moments that take your breath away. I am so proud to be your mom.

  2. oh, she is (italicized) a treasure...I want to call my cousin right this moment and ask him where he found her and to treat her well! you are so amazingly talented...this post made me are an ARTIST!! I am so glad you in our glad.


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