Thursday, July 15, 2010

Mermaids and Wonderland

Well, sort of.
I've finished this mermaid quilt and sent it off to its new home.
I had a great time making it... just a simple patchwork pattern from a bunch of Heather Ross' Mendocino collection bordered in white and then hot pink with yellow binding.
I love the bits of yellow in there.
I think it really makes the quilt.
And the back is also one of my faves.
I think I like the backs of my quilts as much as I like the fronts.
I think they are like little bonuses you don't expect.
Like this little mermaid chillin' in the sea of hot pink border fabric.
Love her!
I just quilted lines 1/4" from the vertical seams and then around the border fabrics.
I think the measurements are something like... I'm not sure.
I know I wrote them down somewhere.
I think it's slightly smaller than a twin size.

And joining that fun quilt is this little wonder...
And I OBVIOUSLY forgot to take good pictures of it before I sent it away.
Taking pics of quilts outside is my favorite.
Because that's how they look the most realistic and the colors show.
Taking pictures of quilts inside is not my favorite.
Especially at night.
Because that's how the quilts look all weird and dull and dark and not super modern and fun like it is in real life.
Example: the above picture.

I took a yard of Moda Wonderland fabric and cut out several different little 'scenes'.
Then I framed each one in with a solid color found within the Wonderland print.... pinks, purples, aquas, greens, etc.
Then, I cut out the batting of the size I wanted the quilt to be and started positioning all my little 'framed scenes' on the batting until I liked the arrangement.
The next part was the hardest because I then cut each little piece of the "filler inner" fabric (the cream colored solid) individually until the batting was covered, making sure all the pieces could be sewn together into bigger blocks and then sewn into the quilt top.
My favorite part of this quilt is probably the red/cream polka dot binding. (Amy Butler Full Moon Polka).
It makes me smile and added some sort of funkiness to the modern little quilt.
... and it makes me smile.
So, off to Oregon these little quilts go.
Hopefully to be loved on and dragged around and slept with and washed and dried and lost and found and washed and dried and hidden under and laid on and passed down and....

I promise, next time I will take better pictures.
I already have it figured out.
I'm going to have a quilt photo shoot at my mom's house on the lake once a week.
That way someone can hold the quilts for me so I don't have to precariously perch them on my neighbor's fence or jimmy-rig them onto my fireplace mantel by placing the heaviest candlesticks and picture frames I can find on the corners.

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  1. these are beautiful, Madi. I'm already getting excited at the prospect of picking up funky, colorful fabrics for my quilt -- because whatever we pick out for the quilt will become the color-scheme for my new place. :D


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