Thursday, July 29, 2010

Primary Stuff

I've been doing some creating with primary colors lately.
Usually, I stay away from the primaries- leaning more towards the pinks and oranges and aquas.
But there's something almost vintage about sticking with reds and yellows and blues.
I really like it.
I made another patchwork baby quilt using 10x10" squares.
I love how easy and fast these are from start to finish, but I love the beautiful simplicity of them even more.
Yup, that's my favorite.
I loved the whole process of this quilt.
From deciding on fabrics to placement of squares...
From methodically piecing to basting in the early morning with the help of my bedheaded lovebug.
It went something like this:
fasten safety pin, place puzzle piece, fasten safety pin, help her put on her favorite hot pink dress-up boots, fasten safety pin, feed Curious George some 'pizza', fasten safety pin, eat and enjoy my own piece of 'pizza' she made from puzzle pieces, gummies and "chocka"... whatever that is.
Maybe it's a new make believe spice or something. Who knows.
Anyway, it was very strangely peaceful basting this little number.
And after I quilted it with straight lines, I got to choose the binding fabric.
To me, this can make or break a quilt.
There's a lot of pressure, and I usually don't decide until the whole thing is put together and quilted.
I need to see it in its almost-complete-but-not-quite stage to figure out just what it needs to top it all off.
Man, was I happy with my choice for this cutie:
I used a Heather Bailey fabric which matched nicely with the mainly Amy Butler and Anna Maria Horner prints for the front.
The backing was one solid piece of Amy Butler's Full Moon Polka (red)- which I also LOVED.

Here's the finished quilt being held by a very impatient and whiny little brother who just couldn't figure out why I need HIM to hold up my little quilt for all of .02 seconds while I snapped a pic.
Talk about over-exaggerated sighing and whimpering... he had it covered.
The customer wanted a special little hand-stitched label because she was giving the quilt as a gift for her soon to be niece or nephew.
I attached it in one of the corners.
I really like what these hand-stitched labels are adding to the quilts.
Pretty nifty.

And my Lovey just couldn't possibly go on with life if she didn't get to wrap herself up in the quilt for a minute.
And I probably couldn't have gone on with life if I didn't get a snapshot of this moment in which she was perfectly still for about 3 whole minutes.
Not. even. kidding.
That doesn't really happen around here.
It's like she was just out in the yard, enjoying the beautiful day and pondering life's mysteries while wrapped in a quilt.
And then she realized she was acting completely out of character and followed her contemplative break by fake sleeping on the blankey before running - full scream ahead- into the backyard.
It was a happy day.


  1. Delicious...all of it.

  2. Madison your stuff is awesome. I love it all!! Those dresses are so adorable. Keep up the good work.


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