Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Guess what?... Primary!!!

I happen to find it extremely funny that I don't EVER work with primary colors and I somehow end up making 2 primary quilts back to back.

This was a commission quilt and the customer wanted semi-traditional blocks made from primary colors- but she wanted there to be mostly solid blocks of primary colors instead of quilted blocks.


I could tell she was into the traditional quilts and such, but wanted to venture out into something a little more modern.
But not TOO modern.
I think she was out of her comfort zone as much as I was out of mine.
I must admit, at first I was at a loss as to what I should do.
When I make a quilt, pillow, dress, whathaveyou, it's very important for me to keep my 'style'
-if you will-
It still needs to look like I made it, you know?
I was so far out of my element in the color scheme already, that when she threw in the 'mostly solid' situation I kinda freaked.
I think it turned out pretty nice- and modern-
and I happen to like both nice and modern.

I liked my process, too.
After I made my log cabin blocks (I think I started with 6), I taped out a huge rectangle on my living room floor of how big the quilt should be.
Then, I arranged all my squares in a way that I liked.
I'm not so fond of even number randomness- so I made a 7th block to make myself happy.
Then, I rearranged the blocks.
The next part was the hardest.
Because I had no plan for how I laid out my log cabin blocks, I had no plan for filling in the blank spaces with solid colors.
So, I measured and cut each piece of red, yellow, or blue fabric to fit PERFECTLY (including seam allowances) into its own little spot.
It was kinda tough.
I'm not sure if this was the most time effective way of doing this- but it worked for me.
And I was 100% sure everything would fit together.
It was like a huge 60x90" floor puzzle...
with no real right answer.
My customer also wanted this little poem/prayer added to the back of the quilt for her son.
I wrote on the white fabric first in pencil, then in a black fabric marker.
Then, I ironed all the edges under, making sure the corners were nice and flat, pinned it down, and hand-stitched the square all around with simple stitches and red embroidery thread.
Cute, huh?
I was probably most excited about being able to use this super awesome striped fabric for the binding.
I LOVE striped bindings.
(Please ignore my dead grass.)
I think this added a lot to the quilt -and let me throw in a little me into the mix.
The back of the quilt is also a favorite for me.
I think this is truly a reversible quilt.

So, moral of the story is:
You can work outside your comfort zone in every way while still enjoying the process and learning how to keep yourself and your style intact.
And ending up with a winning end result that you are proud of :)

Tell me what you think? Modern? Boring? Did I adhere to the customer's wishes? Please, give me some input!
I need some feedback on this baby!

ps: this song is "Primary Colours" by The Horrors... I found it quite fitting :)

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