Thursday, August 26, 2010

Welcome to the Family!!

My hubby's big brother Graham got married on Friday!
Don't they make a gorgeous couple??
The new wifey is Michelle... amazing. She's like Martha Stewart.
She makes amazing things.
And she's just amazing.
For example: Super Bowl Sunday, she made a cake that looked like the football field.
Complete with players and yard markers and everything.
She even had Troy Palomalu's hair.
It was amazing.

Here's the couple's first dance as man and wife.
I know it's not the most amazing quality for a picture... but for some reason I just love it.
I feel like it's the kind of photo that some kid or grandkid will come across in some tucked away box and secretly keep it... then ask questions later, or make up their own story for it.
You didn't hoard random photographs as a child?
Weird, I did.

My hubby was the best man.
His speech was awesome.
He told everyone I was hot.
He did.
With a microphone.
In his speech.
I felt pretty hot.
Doesn't he look handsome?
Well, now I have to come clean.
It didn't really go like that.
He said something like, "Graham has taught me many things about love and he's been a great mentor, etc."
Then he said, " But I taught him the most important thing in life: how to find a hot wife!"
(Insert uproarious laughter and applause)
All I heard was, "Blahbedeblah blah... I have a hot wife."

Here's our lovely two-year-old in a handmade dress because we got back from vacation (read 17 hour car ride) at about 9 o'clock the morning of the wedding and Mommy (me) didn't plan that well and get a dress for Willow before she left for 10 days and then couldn't find ANYthing at ANY store that didn't look like a cheap polyester cupcake threw up on a rack of clothes.
So, behold, Willow's dress.
It was great seeing so many family members that we should see way more often.
Really, we live so close.
Here's my hubby's cousin, Dahna, and me trying to appear sexy.
I just look like I'm sucking on a lemon while trying to smile.
Good times.

Me and the bride... we have the same last name now :)
I'm so glad you're part of the family Michelle!
You are beautiful and fantastic and wonderful in so many ways!
I just want everyone to know how beautiful my mother-in-law, Karen, looked that night.
She was stunning.
She's a very pretty lady.
I love how her hair matches her dress... so fun.
This is my brother-in-law Bud (aka Tyler- his real name) and Karen.
This family is full of lookers, lemme tell 'ya.
(Bud, you looked very handsome as well)

And here's Karen and Graham dancing together:

And I think this is one of my favorite pics of the night.
My lovey trying to give me a kiss with her big ol' fish lips.
She's the best.

The very handsome groomsmen: Aaron, Matt, and my hubs.

And here's my little cutie... last one on the dance floor.
We shut the place down.
Really, we were the last to leave.
That's how we roll.

And just in case you're wondering why I don't have any pictures of the actual ceremony it's because my daughter decided to start yelling "I want my Daddy, I want my Daddy" louder and louder and louder as he walked down the aisle to his best man spot, so I had to hightail it (and her) out of earshot in a quick hurry.
Not that easy to hightail it anywhere while holding a screaming two-year-old.
It's much, much harder in heels and a dress while you're trying to keep your hair and makeup looking somewhat decent when it's at least 75 degrees outside.
It's also very hard to get "out of earshot" when the ceremony is also outside...
basically, there's no such thing.
So I tried to keep Willow occupied out on the golf course (probably against the rules) while keeping her from getting hit by (probably drunk) golfers in super-fast golf carts.
That's why there's no pics of the ceremony.
But I heard it was beautiful :)

I have to go.
I can't ignore my screaming child any longer.


  1. I am smiling.
    I love that you felt hot.
    I love that you felt like you could say that on your blog.
    I love that Dahna is showing her awesomely beautifully teeth.
    I love that all you heard was blah blah blah my wife is hot.
    I love that you're blogging while you're daughter is screaming.
    I love you.
    (do we know each other that well yet? Am I being stalkerish?)

  2. oh, no... I believe we are soul mates :)


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