Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Some Zigs and Some Zags

I'm baa-aaack!
(This is one of the only picture of my hubby and I together during our whole vacation... so deal.
I'm not happy about it either...)

And vacation was really, REALLY awesome.
There's so much to say that I won't even start.
It was fantastic.
But, more on the vacation later. A lot happened.
For example:

Rain, flooding, Tropical Depression 5, a Level 4 sprain, more rain...

capture of the Flint Serial Stabber (who I nicknamed the Fillet 'o' Flint), possible oil, a Taboo victory (actually 2), an email that I will receive 2 years in the future,

a 3 year wedding anniversary, 2 17-hour road trips, and lots and lots of new experiences and revelations that will make great material for new inside jokes.
Good friends are Great.

Anyways, here is a custom nursery bedding set that I shipped off before we left.
I absolutely LOVE this one!!
It's so bright and cheery and happy.
I used Heather Bailey's Pop Daisy (turqoise) and Pineapple Brocade (rose) for the bumper.
Peony in rose for the bumper ties.
The sheet was Tiled Primrose (rose) and the crib skirt was a box pleat made out of Rose Bouquet (ice) with a Peony (rose) border.

Then for the quilt I took all those fabrics and made a large zig-zag crib quilt.
Measures 45x60" ish.
I think.
I really need to get better at this whole measuring quilts thing before I send them across the country.
For quilting I just did my usual 1/4" from each side of the seams.
I love that for zig-zag quilts because it really helps define the zigs and the zags :)

And here's the back.
Large pieced together sections of the fabric used throughout.
LOVE it!
Oh yes, and for the binding I used Ta Dot in Ocean (I think).
It really worked well with the other fabrics.

Here's another zig-zag crib quilt that was WAY out of my comfort zone.
I don't usually use blacks and whites...
It was a HUGE challenge to make all these extremely different fabrics blend with each other in the same quilt.

But I guess that's a challenge you have to be willing to face when you make custom nursery sets and the client chooses fabrics.
I think it turned out fairly well.
It's almost like an optical illusion
The back.
Measures about 40"x50" (I really don't know- I just threw that out there).
Quilted 1/4" from seams.
Machine stitched binding.

It feels ohsogood being back to my blog.
I missed you little guy...


  1. LOVE the quilts!! They are absolutely stunning! and
    LOVE THIS SONG!!! What a happy blog! Thanks!

  2. Thanks so much!
    and that was my friend's ankle-not mine... but, still: OUCH!
    and me too! This song just makes you sing along!

  3. I love your zigs and your zags.

    And, sometimes trips with few pics are the helps me to put the camera down sometimes.

    Bedding is amazing.


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