Thursday, August 5, 2010

Going places... creations- not me.
Well, that's not entirely true.
We leave for vacation pretty damn soon.
Yeah, baby.
Bring on the sun, Beach, because I am a comin'- I already picked out my chair.

Did I mention this vacation is CHILD FREE and that it's the first real vacation the hubby and I have EVER taken together?
And we've been together since high school, ok people?
Sure, there were a few family reunions and that long weekend in Chicago last year...
But this, this is a bona fide vacation.
This is a much-needed-long-awaited-can't-wait-to-get-a-drink-in-my-hand-and-do-nothing vacation.
I want this vacation so badly I even threatened to kill my husband if he got me pregnant before I was able to soak up some sun- and booze.

Oh, and did I also mention that we are starting our vacay off right---- in NEW ORLEANS!?!
Ta-da! We are :)

Now that I'm done rubbing my vacation in everybody's face (sorry- kinda), these are a few things that I finished up today that are now going on their own little adventures...
... this happy dress is now on its way to Texas...

...and this cheery little number is on its way to Georgia...

...and this pillow and set of curtain ties on the right (those are tiebacks, not a strange bow in the corner) are going to meet that cozy little nursery set over there on the left in Tennessee where it's already snuggling a new baby girl...

... and this super snazzy dress is on its way to the Windy City to brighten things up a little.

And that's it for today.
Where would you like to vacation??

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