Friday, August 27, 2010

Staging and Such...

You should have seen me today... oh man.
I was trying to put this stupid crib together by myself, outside, in my front yard so I could get some new pics for my Etsy Shop.
It was a mess.
When the directions say you need a wrench, a screwdriver and another person... they're not kidding.
2 people is a must.
Especially when you're trying to put it together without one of its sides... one of my (many) brilliant ideas of the day.

And, of course, there happened to be a garage sale going on directly across the street so everyone could see my ridiculousness.
Wearing what I wore to bed, mascara eyes, bed-head and all.
Why do I do these things? I don't know.
If I were me (and I am), I would just sit and shake my head at myself (which I do).

Not only that, but I got the bright idea to drag this thing out of the garage, haul it out on the lawn, and attempt an assembly at the tail-end of Willow's nap.
Needless to say, I was hurrying faster than the speed of light to complete my mission on time.
And, in 80 degree-bright-morning sun, that makes for one sweaty, gross looking me.
So, once I finally got it all set up and put the bedding on, ready for pictures...
Garage-salers came over to admire and ask questions and I even handed out a few business cards.
Like, over.
To my lawn.
Why is this a problem you might ask?

Remember how I looked?
Yeah... freaking gross!
And sweaty.
It was bad.
It was embarrassing.
How are you supposed to promote your work when you look like something that just crawled out of the Black Lagoon?
Don't ask me... I have no clue.
I tried to cover myself up at first, but a Nikon D40 doesn't really hide much... surprise.
I probably even had dried drool on my face. Who knows.
In all honesty, there really wasn't much I could do.
I just pretended like nothing was wrong.
Hopefully that worked.
We'll see.
If any of the above mentioned garage-salers and stoppers by are reading this, thank you.
And I apologize for my appearance, I don't always look like that.
I groom. And shower. On a regular basis.
And you must be good people because you're here, despite the fact that I looked like a homeless creature.
You rock.

Oh, and this is my latest nursery set.

Mostly Amy Butler prints: Water Bouquet, Park Fountains, Sun Spots, and then some Natural Elements in Hot Pink for the sheet and a little Erin McMorris Floral Swirl in Lime thrown in to the quilt for some variety.
Strip quilt with a pieced back. Machine quilted 1/4" from each seam. Machine stitched binding. Measures 40x58" (I really measured this time).
And now, it's on its way to Dallas, TX!

I couldn't decide which pic looked best... so I ended up using the last one, a collage, for my shop.

Yay, on to the next project!


  1. your story cracked me up! It always happens like that..neighbors having a party, or a garage sale, or whatever...just when you need to be quick and do what ya gotta do! Your set turned out beautiful! I love it! Wish I would have seen this 2 years ago when I had my baby! Great work, Madison!

  2. this set looks amazing...beautiful job. i love the fabric.

  3. pretending nothing wrong is most definitely the best thing to do.

  4. Thanks Jen and Leslie! And I'm glad someone else agrees with me... Carin :)


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