Monday, May 16, 2011

Surprises and Skirts.

I love my job(s).
I get to be a mom.
I get to make things.
And many times I get to make things for other moms.
Yeah, it's pretty cool.

My latest project was for a couple who aren't finding out their baby's gender until THE day!
Oh, how I wish I had that kind of patience/self-control...
I HAD to know.
Both times :)

They went with bright greens and yellows with a little bit of navy and aqua thrown in for fun.
I think it's perfect to snuggle up either a little boy or girl, don't you think?
Citron Surprise Custom Crib Bedding Set

They really liked the style of the quilt in this nursery set, so that's what we did!
Citron Surprise Custom Crib Bedding Set

Here's the fabrics used throughout:
Bumper: Dandelion in Lime and Glass Tiles in Lemon
Bumper ties: Quarter Dot in Navy and Leaves in Blue
Crib sheet: Painter's Canvas in Lime
Crib skirt: Ta Dot in Apple w/ Quarter Dot in Navy border

Citron Surprise Crib Quilt

The quilt used all the above fabrics and then we added in:
Honeycomb in Green
Large Leafy Stripe in Lime
Measures 45x55" ish, machine quilted, machine stitched binding.
The quilt back was pieced, and binding was Glass Tiles in Lemon.
Citron Surprise Crib Quilt
Heather (and Hubby)- I hope you love your new crib bedding!
I, of course, would LOVE to know if you ended up with a boy or girl when the time comes :)
(because I'm nosy like that.)
And I would obviously also LOVE some pictures of your little lovey all wrapped up...
when you have time.
Of course.

I've also been busy making clothes for my girlies...
I'm trying to do a lot more handmade this year than I did last year.
And I realized
(while uncovering, sorting, washing, organizing, folding, and kissing, and putting away all of Willow's old clothes for Baby #2)
that Big Sister has absolutely NO clothes.
Well, none that are acceptable for public viewing, anyway.
So I went to work:

I had lots of fun.
No patterns, no plans really, just started sewing and embellishing :)
I used a mix of fabrics: some from stash, some from the scrap bins, some from Hobby Lobby...
(which had some surprisingly good quality fabrics, I might add).
And my favorite part was adding all the little details.
Vintage trims, funky trims, ribbons, jumbo ric-rac, decorative stitching, you name it!
I got a little carried away.
But that's ok, because they're for my little love-bucket :)

I think this one's my favorite:

And I've also been sewing like crazy for the nursery and the baby...
but it's been quite rainy/gloomy these last few days and I haven't been able to take any good pictures so far.

Stay tuned...


  1. Your daughters are very lucky to having such a loving and talented mommy! xoxo

  2. LOVE that nursery set!!

    I didn't find out what I was having with either of my 2 girls. I couldn't do it. It's the one "true" surprise that one is given in life. I felt that as one gets older, good surprises happen less often, so that was one I wasn't going to cheat myself out of. And I can say I'd do it again the same way. Even if I was going to have 5 more, I'd be surprised (and no more for me btw!)plus it made the 26 & 22 hours of labor a little easier, b/c I couldn't wait to find out!


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