Thursday, March 4, 2010

Starting to feel like Spring...

In the spirit of Spring I have been:

Just playing around with fabrics....

Working on some commission stuff... (more to come later)

and trying to figure out a way to better organize my (teensy-weensy) creative space (obviously very much needed) and wondering about how to keep those dang frames straight. Little Miss Jumps-A-Lot isn't helping much in that department...
I'm thisclose to duck-taping them to the wall!


  1. those fabrics are great! and the piece you are working on is so pretty

  2. Lovely fabrics. With the frames if you put a little Blu Tak (not sure what you may call it there though) on the back of the two bottom corners so that the corners are basically stuck to the walls they should stay still, well at least a bit more than what they are now :)

  3. ooooOOOOOOoooooo! those fabrics might very well be my favorites yet! what room is that crafting space in? it's looking great!

  4. I found some sticky/putty back-of-picture-frames stuff at home depot for the frame problem, thank you Jo's Place!

    Katie, i thought you would like those colors... the room is what used to be our room, then it was the office, then it was bud's room, and now it's the office/ "studio" for me! I'm not sure what the room was when you saw it, so there you go. I'm almost done with the whole thing... YAY!


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