Friday, March 26, 2010

Orders, Orders Everywhere!

These Claire dresses are a hit... let me tell you. I'm getting orders from all over the place; people I know (thank you loved ones) and even people I don't know (thanks to you too!). It gives me a good warm feeling inside. And I love doing this. My Etsy shop is also going nuts right now! I LOVE this job :) (that's right, I'm calling it a job. It's work, people.) I'm just pumping out new creations left and right, so if you like something you see drop me a line!

This one is on it's way to my (Aunt) Nancy in Virginia... thank you! I hope you love it!

Here's the back:

And these are the (unfinished) coordinating overalls that will be sent with the dress. These pieces are for twins... isn't that so cute?
Go do something you're passionate about! Make the time!


  1. Really love the colour combination on that lovely dress, beautiful!

  2. Thanks! I think that dress is one of my favorites so far. It's just so fun and funky, don't you think?

  3. these overalls are so cute..the dresses too, but i can't even begin to imagine what the lucky little pair will look is too cute

  4. Madison!!! I ADORE!

  5. Madison, check your e-mail for some ADORABLE pics of the twins. Gave you props on Facebook too. Thanks again, they're really lovely!


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