Friday, March 5, 2010

Mail Time! ... (it makes me wanna wag my tail!)

I've obviously been watching too much Nick Jr. for an adult.... anywho. The mail came today (woohoo) and this is what was in it:

Some Heather Ross, Amy Butler, and Heather Bailey fabrics as well as my Claire dress pattern by Sandi Henderson for Portabellopixie! (double woohoo) I can't wait to get started on a bajillion dresses for my little munchkin. I've been putting together color combos and fabric choices for DAYS! and now I finally get to make them a reality :)

I'm almost finished with my studio/office-renovation/clean-up-organize/putstuffaway deal. This is what I have so far. And I must also say that I love power tools. I am a magician with the electric drill.... just sayin'.
Thanks to Jo's Place for suggesting the sticky stuff to put on the back of my picture frames so they stay put... much appreciated.

I just hung up some white panel curtains that I am either going to paint to match the rug on the floor or drape with a fabric chain that I saw at Film in the Fridge. Ashley even gives a tutorial, how sweet... I also hung those shelves. Don't worry, the blank canvas just chillin' next to the flowers will be stretched with fabric and painted... I was just getting a visual :) And I added some little flowery wall decals for some color...

These canvases will also be fancied up... don't worry. There's not enough color in this room, YET... I hung that pretty little IKEA shelf all by myself, and I put together that IKEA table all by myself, and I put together that IKEA lamp, and hung the curtains ALL BY MY SELF! I was pretty impressed, and so was the hubby :) (always a good thing, right?)

And the last wall (the one with all my sewing stuff) isn't actually finished yet, so you will have to wait until later for that... sorry. BUT, I did organize my big scraps and fat quarters into a pretty little (big) basket...

Enjoy the Springy weather and go create something!

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