Tuesday, March 9, 2010

New Dress for My Lovey!

I made a dress for my little one today... isn't it cute? I used some Amy Butler, Heather Bailey, and even some fabrics from JoAnn's (the lime green floral and the pink polka dot). I absolutely LOVE this dress, and I think it's only the second piece of clothing I've actually finished for Willow...
I used the Claire pattern from Portabellopixie (Sandi Henderson) that I got in the mail the other day. Yippee.

I also found these for a very cheap price and I would like to do something with them, but don't know what. I think they need to be jazzed up and painted, but I'm kind of liking where they are situated on the fireplace mantle. Hmm. We'll see.

I also made this salad which was so pretty and delicious I just had to take a picture. Most simple and best salad EVER. Romaine, dried cranberries, feta cheese, balsamic vinaigrette. Mix and eat. Seriously... it's so good.

And I just had to throw this pic in here because Willow managed to take off her pants, put on one (too big) hot pink rain boot, completely trash her room and rip out her hairdo in the time it took me to put a new trash bag in the trash can (about 20 seconds) Really... but oh do I love that little nugget!

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  1. oh my word. i miss her i miss her i miss her! what a hilarious peanut. just a few more months until i can cover her with smooches again! also, I LOVE THAT DRESS. i think i need one in katie size, haha.
    where did you get the letters? i've been searching the web for various v's and E's to make a similar collection in our new house.


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