Friday, January 1, 2010

The Wonderland Baby Quilt

I love the Moda Wonderland line! Love it! I made this cute little baby quilt out of some of the Wonderland Layer Cake I had laying around. It's the perfect size for a stroller blanket, or floor blanket for tummy time, and the bright colors are super fun, too. Oh yeah, and this also counts for the Joy in the New Year Challenge!

I didn't piece the back of this one, I consider it one of the perks of making smaller quilts...

The quilting was pretty simple, 1/4 inch from either side of the seams (white thread).

Here's my basting process, which I just happen to loathe.

And just one more pic because the colors are so fun and I just got my camera lens back for my digital SLR camera and you can actually see the true colors of the things I take pictures of and not some horrible representation of them. whew.

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