Thursday, December 31, 2009

Add This to the List!

The camera really doesn't do this quilt justice. It makes it look wrinkly and baggy and it doesn't really show the awesome masculine colors... but here it is!

Here's another finish for the Joy in the New Year Challenge! I started this one waybackwhen for my brother-in-law, Bud. If this is any gauge of time whatsoever, he was living with us when I started it, and now he's not. Yup, that's how long it took me. Anyways, I really wanted him to have it for Christmas, but I had SOOOOOO many other projects that were for Christmas and once again it got pushed to the side. Now it's done and it should be on his bed by now... at least I hope.

These are not good photos... just so you know. I also used a super high loft batting so that it would be megacomfy, just like he asked for.
I can't get this one to rotate...

Simple quilting 1/4 inch from the edges of the sections.

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