Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A Quilt for Rylee!

Rylee is my beautiful niece who lives in Virginia that I don't get to see even close to enough! This quilt is for her. Brooke, Rylee's momma, doesn't like pink or anything girly (for her or Rylee) so I thought fabric combo would be perfect. I hope they like it!

And of course, I had to sign it for her.

The back is very simple, but fun to look at. Tiny dot patterns... my fave! I used a new method of binding this quilt that I picked up from Red Pepper Quilts.... and I LOVE it. I used to hand stitch all of my quilt bindings. Not anymore! It definitely took some practice to perfect it, but I think it's amazing!

On a separate note: I had really hope to get so much more completed for the Joy in the New Year Challenge... but I didn't. I got a lot accomplished, just not that many more completed quilts. That's ok, though. I made a ton of patchwork pot holders to give as gifts this year. And I had to make a few quilts and other projects in between for the holidays and babies (Congrats Ashley) and whatnot. It was fun. I will post my progress here soon....


  1. these colors look beautiful together, they are girly without being pink. she is a lucky little girl


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