Wednesday, August 31, 2011

I can't find the USB cord...

I've got so many new projects and fun stuff I want to share!
I can't find my little cord that's kind of important for getting the pictures
from the camera to the computer.
(It's in a box somewhere- oh, and WE MOVED! <---- fun new thing!)
And I really don't think you'd want to hear about my new stuff,
which probably isn't all that interesting to you,
without a few explanatory pictures.
Am I right?

So, instead of uploading and editing new pictures, I've been going through all the
pictures from the summer.
We had a LOT of fun this summer, and since it's almost over (sniff) I'm feeling the need to document...
And it just so happens that BOTH girls are sleeping right now which means I get to write!

I seriously don't even know where to begin... so I guess I'll start with these:


Why not, right?
We've had some amazing sunset cruises on the lake this summer.
Ah. mazing.
Thanks Captain Dave! (aka Duffman) and Roxy.
Duffy and Roxy

Roxy has her own life jacket.
She does.
Not even kidding.

And this is how Roxy measures fun:
fun and lots of fun
She's always down for a good time...

Lake Fun, of course, serves as a prequel to the sunset cruises.
Willow's first tube ride with LaLa.

And so does good food and family.
Willow's version of good food.

Papa Frank, or as Willow likes to call him, "Frankie!"


And then of course, there was 4th of July:

Have I ever mentioned before that I LOVE fireworks?
Like, LOVE them. So much.
I wanted them at our wedding.
They cost a lot.
We didn't have them...
I could watch fireworks every day of the year.
Especially the really big ones that you feel in your chest.
The 'Big Boomers'.
Those are the best.

And, if you happen to live in Michigan,
the only- and I mean only- way
to see fireworks is
from a boat.

Preferably a really big boat so that if it's too far out into the river and the
Coast Guard makes you move it
and then it doesn't get anchored properly and starts swinging every which way compromising all the other boats
in the immediate vicinity,
they have to move out of your way, not the other way around.


You know, if that sort of thing were to ever happen.

Party Boat!
This boat had a live band on the back rockin' out a dance party. It's what some people like to call 'awesome'.

Sometimes I look around and say, "Really?"
We are some lucky, lucky people...

And if you have friends that are more like family
and invite you to their shindig year after year, where they all fight each other to hold your babies,
you pretty much have it made.
I would know.

Especially when they love your kids and treat them to a mani-pedi complete with snacks and a drink as soon as we arrive.

And what 4th of July is complete without sparklers?

Or grown men doing stupid things involving sparklers in front of small children?
4th of July sparklers

I mean, that's what really makes it a holiday, right?


Basically, I don't want summer to end.
They're just not long enough in Michigan.
Maybe all the gorgeous lakes and pretty sunsets and boat rides are a trade-off for the
few months of warm weather.

Or maybe the trade-off is capturing this face on camera.

Either way, I'm going to be so sad to see Summer go.
Really, very sad.


Now for some sewing news, I've been busy.

My two latest nursery sets:
can you spot the differences?
Can you spot the differences?

I am very serious about making my things one-of-a-kind.
But I'm learning that the
more and more the word gets out and the more people I make things for,
the whole 'one-of-a-kind' thing
gets harder and harder.

Remember this nursery set?

Well, ever since then I've had lots of mommas wanting one
(which is awesome!)
To keep to my promise of only making one-of-a-kind bedding,
I've been making little changes here and there on each set.
diff quilts

I want the overall look that people are
originally drawn to
to be the same, while still making sure everything is
So far, so good.

Patchwork is almost always one-of-a-kind,
but I still like to
switch up the quilt backs and bindings
to set them apart from each other just that much more.
Picnik collage

So thanks to everybody out there who keeps my little tiny business going...
I love what I do!

I think that's all I have for today...


  1. heart is close to bursting. The shots of Willow with the fireworks -- the way you captured the joy on her face. And it's obvious that you grabbed the most from each moment this summer. Love...

  2. Thinking I need to move to Michigan...Texas is for the birds.


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