Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I had too many fitting titles for this post... so this is what you get. Sorry.

I have been working on some pretty fantastic things over here.
You know, other than raising two strong, independent, talented, intelligent, and kind girls.
Or, at least, trying.
I just crack myself up.
I don't know why. That's not even funny.
Maybe I need some adult interaction or something.
My brain's doing weird things.

I love this quilt.
I didn't really want to send it away to its owner.
That's how much I liked it.

I used the
pattern from Amy Butler and then modified it a bit.
And I obviously didn't use any of the "Love" prints, although
they are all Amy Butler.
Lots of her older stuff, which I like.
And many of the prints were super hard to find because lots are
discontinued and whatnot.

The Sexy Hexy pattern is for a full/lapish size quilt, but I needed a Queen.
So, instead of just making more hexagons to make a bigger quilt,
(which was my first plan)
I thought that framing in the 'original' quilt pattern would showcase it better.
And I really like it.

So there's the hexagon part,
and then a grey border,
and then a pieced border of all the pretty prints,
and then another grey border.

I pieced together the back, too.
I wasn't a fan of the quilt back from the pattern.
It was kind of boring.
So, pieced backing it is.
And I added a blank label in one of the corners so they could
fill it in
with something perfect.

It looks nice on a bed, right?
(It's the wrong size bed... but whatever.)
Oh, and the matching shams.
I also happen to love those shams.
I think I'm going to make similar shams for my own room.
Shams. Shams. Shams.
Picnik collage

And there was some hand-quilting involved in this puppy.
Yup, sure was.
I loved it so much, I added some stitches.
I think the yellow added some extra sunshine to the grey border.
And then I also hand-quilted inside the center of each hexagon.
(I machine-quilted the rest...)

Bye quilt!
Have fun in your new home :)

Funny story about this quilt.
I actually made it for an old friend that I knew pretty well when I was little.
We went to summer camp together and everything.
We grew up/moved apart/lost touch for years and then found each other again on facebook.
Good ol' facebook.
She and her hubby needed some bedding for their new house
(which is supercute, by the way, I know because I facebook stalked...duh.)
and thought of me.
We talked fabrics and ideas and then several* weeks later they got a quilt.

*I say several because I was on schedule until
I completely quilted the whole thing,
went to bind it,
hated the quilting,
ripped it all out,
re-quilted it (much better),
which pushed my deadline back quite a bit.
Thank you Heidi and Brian for being so patient.
It looks way better :)


And just look at these two:
Willow is so sweet to her little sister
when I'm in her immediate vicinity threatening everything that she holds dear.
So sweet.

Sidenote: Willow just came in and told me she really doesn't like brains.

I mean, what's not to love about this little critter?

She's the happiest baby on the planet.
I'm convinced of it.
If there was a contest for "Happiest Baby on Earth", Ellie would win.
Hands down.


And now I'm going to tell all of you to go buy Chalkboard spray paint.
They have it at Home Depot.
(every single time I say 'Home Depot' I think of Old School, anybody else?)
So anyway, this stuff is amazing.
I turned my 'stupid glass cabinet full of stuff nobody wants or needs to see'
into a fun little chalkboard.
Picnik collage

But be careful.
It's addicting.
Because now I have a whole list of things that I want to paint that really have
no business
being a chalkboard.



  1. Can I tell you that I was swooning when that quilt popped up on your FB post? You and your crazy creativity... and cute kids. Awesome!

  2. Hi, Madi!!!
    Hey....LOVE your stuff, and wondering if you could "quilt" a dovet cover for a comforter...??? That is what I'm heading towards, and wondering if you could do that?
    CAN'T WAIT to meet Ellie and Jack in October!!!
    Auntie Jen
    p.s. you can reply to my facebook

  3. I LOVE this quilt! Anyway to get a list of the fabrics you used, including the awesome purply gray solid? How hard was it to find the ones that were discontinued?


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