Thursday, July 28, 2011

Jumping Jacks.

I miss my blog.
I miss writing about anything.
And also writing about nothing.

And when it came to writing, I was in a groove there for a minute.
But now I'm in a rut.

Kinda like working out, you know?
You're just killing it for a while, got your exercise schedule down pat, endorphins flowing.
Then something happens and you miss a day.
And then another.
And then another.
And then you eat a brownie or three.
Endorphins are gone.
So is your motivation.
And you say screw it.
I'm so far out of my groove I don't even know where to start.
And I don't know where my sports bra is.
And there's no clean socks.
And all my workout pants are in the laundry.
And it is a little too hot out today.
And the iPod headphones are MIA.
And the list just goes on and on and on until you really start running out of 'reasonable' excuses and start saying things like
"I've gone up and down the stairs more than usual today, so that totally counts as exercise".

And you realize you are being a ridiculous freak and that all you really have to do is get off your butt and just run or something.
Hell, do a couple jumping jacks in the kitchen to get the blood pumping again.

Well, that's how I feel.
I've been through a whole list of excuses of why I haven't been 'able' to blog.
(Which is total crap because I have been perfectly able. I just haven't. For no reason.)

First it was that I had a lot of pictures to upload.
(what that has to do with writing I don't know, but pictures are fun to look at)
Then I couldn't find my little USB cord thingy.
Then I didn't have anything to say.
Then too much time had passed and I didn't know where to start...
4th of July? Mini family vacation? Visit to the Splash Pad? Sewing Projects? Home improvements?
(Like it matters.)
Then I found the USB cord but had a 489 pictures to sift through and edit.
Then I had to have a clean house.
Then I had to blah, blah, BLAH...

So, consider this post my literary attempt at jumping jacks.

I did it.
My foot is back in the door.
And I no longer have any excuses to keep me from writing.

And here's a picture of cute little Ellie toes because,
even though it has nothing to do with this post,
pictures really are fun to look at,
especially when the subject of said picture are the toes of an infant.

Ellie toes


  1. those are some seriously cute toes. i would understand if you were too busy admiring them to blog...

  2. I just did some mental jumping jacks in honor of this post. Now to get out of bed and do some real ones! It's good to have you back. We've missed you. :)

  3. life with children is hard. period. i have 4 . work from home, and seriously feel this way most days. hard to get out of bed and face the day, let alone entertain everyone on my blog LOL.

  4. Baby toes are always fun, especially with purple-stripey babylegs! Getting the motivation (or time) to get anything done while caring for little kids and keeping up a home is tough. It will get easier! That's what I keep telling myself anyway. Hope you have a great weekend!


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