Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I blinked.

It's like I blinked for that .02 seconds, or whatever it is, and October was gone.
Just gone. Poof. No more.
At first, this really upset me.
I felt like I didn't live it up in October like I wanted to. Like I had let things pass me by.
And, to me, that is a serious bummer.
And, as I'm sure you've figured out by now, there was no blogging.
Double bummer.

BUT- I decided I'm not going to get down on myself about it.
It's over and done with and this is NOVEMBER... wow.
Kinda crazy.
I'm gonna paint the town red in November, let me tell you. Or maybe orange.
I really like orange.

Despite my lack of posting, I really did do a lot in October. I did.
I even have plenty of photographic evidence.
I do NOT, however, have a single photo of my Halloween Garden Gnome Tick-or-Treating. How could I forget my camera on Halloween?
I'm me. That's how.
Oh well, I know there are some good friends out there with some pics.
(Please share...thanks.)

This is what I was up to in October:

I finished this full size quilt (92x94" finished)
I used a disappearing 9 patch pattern and then used a dark grey solid as a small border.

The back is mostly a light grey solid with a few pieced sections and a dark grey stripe on one side.
I quilted straight lines 1/4" from the seams.
Its new owner LOVED it.
That's the best part! Oh, and it came with matching shams. That's fun too.

I made this quilt and sent it all the way to Germany!
I am in LOVE with the color palette for this quilt.
Just a simple patchwork with blues, greens, and awesomes... (wink, wink)
I don't usually do completely solid backs, but it just seemed very fitting for this handsome quilt.
The binding is Nap sack in grass (Joel Dewberry) and machine stitched.

The customer asked for a hand-stitched label, and since I aim to please, voila!
Jackson's mom said as soon as she opened the package, he ran right to it!
That's got to be a good sign, right?

Let's see...
Then I sent out this nursery set to Georgia.
The Fresh Poppies fabric by Amy Butler is very popular lately with the new mommies.
Even though I've made lots of sets with this fabric... they all look SO different.
That's what I love about making one of a kind stuff.
Everybody gets what they want and the sets totally reflect each and every new customer.
So fun...

Here's the back of that little strip quilt, quilted 1/4" on either side of each seam.
This binding was actually hand-stitched.
Sometimes I just feel like kickin' it old school, you know?

This is a cute little lampshade I made to go with the nursery set.
I LOVE making lampshades.
I wish I could just go through my whole house and replace all the lampshades with my lampshades.
Wait a minute... I guess I could do that, couldn't I?
I'll just add that to my list of things to do...#67416054167

I also made some dresses, of course!
This is the first dress I ever had embroidered.
I think it turned out very nice.

Return customers have got to be one of my favorite things.
It is just so humbling to be picked more than once, at least for me.
I take it as such a compliment... I really do.
To all you return customers out there, you make my day! (and thank you SO much)
Speaking of return customers, remember this Pop Garden nursery set?
Well, the new momma liked it enough to have these made for her girls as well:
Thank you, Ashley!

And then there's this sweet one.
The colors are fantastic and sassy.
You've got to have some sassy every now and then.

I've got some other stuff to share from October, but I think all this is enough for one read, don't you?

I have to admit, it feels really great to be back at my blog.
I miss this place.
There's something to be said about this kind of... communication?
I'm not sure if that's the word I'm looking for, but whatever the word may be, I feel more 'connected' when I can lay it all out there.
Thanks for aiding in the connectivity :)


  1. wow you've been busy!Everything is gorgeous!

  2. Just found your blog- love your stuff!!

  3. Jen... thanks so much! I have definitely been a busy little bee these days!

    Elisa... I'm so glad you happened across my blog :) Become a follower and you can get updates all the time! Nice to hear from you!


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