Monday, November 22, 2010

Some Nursery Set News and a Fun Quilt.

Yeah, I couldn't really think of a good title for this post.

Here's the latest nursery set to leave WillowBean Creations Headquarters (aka my computer room/office/studio)
Isn't it so cute and girly?
I had a really good time working with this client... Jenette from Texas.
Sometimes I don't realize how many people I get to meet during this little business venture of mine.
It's great. And almost everyone is a new mom, or going to be a mom, or some kind of mom-like figure so we automatically have stuff in common.
I try to make every new mom feel like I'm 100% focused on making their nursery set EXACTLY how they want it.
Which I am.
Sometimes it's hard to convey that without sounding fake, cheesy or totally crazy.
I'm working on it... haha. So far, so good.
I think.

This set was made of primarily Amy Butler's Midwest Modern 1 and 2 with some solid blue polished cotton thrown in for the sheet, the ruffle on the bumper and the border on the bottom of the dust ruffle.
I think the ruffle on the bumper really adds something to the set. I love it.

The strip quilt was a great way for me to incorporate some other pinks and yellows to the bedding.
As a way to bring in the solid blue from the rest of the set to to the quilt (because there's not much blue at all in the Amy Butler fabrics) I did the binding in the same solid blue polished cotton used elsewhere.
I really think it frames the quilt nicely :)
Quilt is 40x60"ish and machine quilted 1/4" from either side of each seam. Machine stitched binding.

I also made this great bulletin board to go with Jenette's set using her main fabric (Amy Butler's Fresh Poppies in Ivory)
I'm planning on making a tutorial for one of these in the future.
I'm not sure how soon in the future...but let's just say I've added it to my list of things, ok?
I made some fun thumbtacks out of antique buttons to match the bulletin board too, but apparently I didn't take any pics of those or the valance I made either.

One more little quilt that makes me smile:
What do you think?
It's for a little girl named Ada for her 1st birthday... how fun.
This quilt is kind of a cool story because it all started with this quilt which my cousin Katie gave as a gift to the little guy she nannied for in New York.
His little girlfriend's nanny saw it and ordered one to give to Isa so little boyfriend and little girlfriend could have matching quilts on the playground.
Well, Isa's mom loved it so much she ordered one for her niece, Ada, all the way out in California for her birthday...
And there you have it: a quilt story.
See, wasn't that fun?
I think so.
It's kind of like 'Pay it Forward' but with quilts... sort of.

I went with a solid pink for the back of the quilt so the hand-stitched label could really stand out.
The binding is Ta Dot in Ocean and machine stitched.
Just because I've had some questions lately... I usually use 2 inch bindings for my smaller quilts (baby, crib, and lap size) and 2 1/2 inch bindings for my larger quilts (twins size and bigger).
There's no real rhyme or reason for it, I guess, besides the fact that I think a smaller quilt looks better with a small binding and a big quilt with a bigger binding.
That's all. It's proportional.

I framed the label in the same fabric as the binding and I hand-stitched it to the back of the quilt
(only the back-don't go all the way through to the front with your stitches- another question I've had lately).
For bigger labels like this I like to add a couple rows of stitching to make sure it's nice and snug on there.
I usually use the same colors of embroidery floss for attaching the label as I used for the 'writing' on the label.
It's just a thing I do.

Ada's quilt is about 40x50"ish and is machine quilted 1/4" from either side of each seam. Machine stitched binding.

Unfortunately, I have to go clean out the fridge now.... wish me luck.
I've been putting it off for some time now. Eeew.


  1. The nursery set is gorgeous! You are very talented and I know there are some happy mommies out there!!

    Love the 2nd quilt too and a neat story!

  2. I LOVE your nursery sets! If Jack and I ever have another one (probably NOT happening, though I am trying to be open if that would be God's amazing plan for me) I will order up! But at some point, when there is a little extra money, I would LOVE to order something from have such a great style and BEAUTIFUL work!!!
    Wishin we could celebrate Thanksgiving together...we have the Richmond gang here as well as Uncle Mark (the pot stirrer...ha!) and Aunt Lisa (Jack's sister)....very fun...but we're missing you!
    Give little Gabe a BIG hug just from his Great Aunt Jenny, Madi...would you do this for me??? It sounds like maybe he'll make a Thanksgiving arrival????
    Lots of love to you, your man and your little...

  3. Adas quilt should aka Chloes quilt :)

  4. I'm Ada's Momma and I just saw this after leaving a comment on the Isa quilt post. I LOVE this quilt so much and have not the words to express what this beautiful gift means to me :) You totally captured my little gal's colors and spirit! She is all things hot pink, glorious orange and sky blue :)


  5. I LOVE my nursery set!! It is perfect and I appreciate everything you did--was a total pleasure working with you! Go check out our blog to see the whole nursery:) It's the first post. . .it all came together so nicely and I've passed on your info. to several friends! Now, she just needs to get a little older so I can get a few cute skirts!

  6. I can't believe you made this nursery set, it's phenomenal! love it! Nice work.


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