Thursday, October 29, 2009


No, not the Halloween kind. Real ones. All. over. my SEWING MACHINE!!!! That's when I knew it was time for me to get back in the swing of things. I've been SUPER busy lately, like really. And I've noticed that my sewing has dwindled, you know because of that whole "priority" thing. But then I noticed I was getting into a sort of funk. Not depressed or sad, just funk-y. So, I took a little trip into my sewing room. And that's when I saw them: spiderwebs. I felt horrible. It was like a sad story, "... and there it was, sad and solitary in the corner of the cold basement clothed in cobwebs, evidence of its neglect." I got my nifty Swiffer, dusted that puppy off, and finished piecing together my triangles for my zigzag quilt. Man, do I feel better! I'm going to try to sew the strips together today to finish the top, but that's only if little-miss-you-know-who takes a good nap... Pictures to follow :)


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