Monday, November 21, 2011

The Hunchback of Two Really Cute Girlies...

This may just be my favorite thing of all time:
My Girlies

My girls.
I just love them.

But I love that they love each other even more.

They're perfect.
Big Sister loves Little Sister and Little Sister loves her right back.


It helps that they are the happiest kids in the entire world.
The happiest.
In. the. entire. world.

And funniest.
They crack me up.
Especially the big one.
She's a gas.


Just in case you thought all I was going to do was gush about my beautiful children...psssh.

I thought I had a pillow form for this new little thing, but alas, I do not.
So you will get a 'work in progress' pic instead of a 'finished product' pic.

Willow has one coming, too.
But I think it's got about 2 stitches in it... so it wouldn't be that fun to look at.
Maybe I'll finish it by her 4th birthday... haha.

All my laundry was finished last week.
Now- NONE of it is.
I hate laundry.
I want a shirt that says 'I hate doing laundry' so I can wear it when I have no clean clothes.
So, I guess I would wear it for
10 days straight,
then I would have clean clothes for approximately 47 seconds,
then I could wear it again.
But it would have to wash itself or forget it.

Also... my back is out.
I can't move, really.

I think it has something to do with Ellie going from
sleeping through the night
not sleeping at ALL through the night
which meant I fell asleep in a sitting position while holding her because she wouldn't let me put her down.
So now I'm stuck in a sitting position while attempting to stand.

That, and the fact that I'm getting old.
Don't even get me started... please. This upcoming birthday has got me all messed up.

Just call me Quasimodo... it's more fitting.


  1. such beautiful girls from a beautiful mom with such a beautiful soul...

  2. Gorgeous girls and beautiful pics of them! I love it! Your wip is amazing! Hope your back feels better soon!!


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