Sunday, November 6, 2011

All Hallows' Eve

Halloween 2011.
It was a blast, I must say.
Willow was an 'Owl Princess'.
In case you're wondering... the pink pumpkin jack-o'-lantern candy thingy was a must-have.
Not orange.
That's what made the 'princess' part of the costume.
Picnik collage

And Ellie was our little Screech Owl.
Believe me, she definitely earned the 'screech' part of that title.
Girl's got some lungs.
It was cold,
so there's not so many pictures of Ellie in her full costume...
which is a total bummer,
because she looked stinking adorable.
One of these years I will get all the pictures I want before the trick-or-treating begins.
You just watch...


At first Willow was going to be Elvis.
Hilarious, right?
But then I saw some owl costumes,
particularly this one and this one,
and persuaded her to change her mind.
I thought it would be a LOT easier to make an owl than it would be to make an Elvis,
not gonna lie.

It was super easy.
And way cheap.
The only thing I bought was the felt for the wings.
I used this pattern for wingy inspiration.
I used the general wing shapes the website provided,
-but I thought the directions were very Martha Stewartish-
which makes sense, considering it's her website...
So I just kinda winged it.
Get it?
Winged it.
I know. I'm hilarious.

I chose the colors based on those leggings, which I thought looked very Owl-y.
Cut all the 'feathers' from scraps.
Sewed them all onto an old t-shirt of mine that I cut the sleeves off of.
And I used safety pins to make it a bit smaller,
as well as attach the wings.
It's all about using what you have...

I think she liked it :)

She flapped away from almost every house.

Some of the houses were on a slight incline, and she ran down their yards
so fast
after each house that we had to kind of
block her from the road and act like buffers
just in case
she gained too much momentum and couldn't stop.
Or if she took a digger.
Which she did.
A few times.
It's all good though... CANDY!

Favorite shot of the night:
I'm pretty sure she's thinking, "Alright... I got this!".

Hope everybody had a Bewitching Halloween!!

And just for fun, here's a picture of Ty and my hubby,
-aka Dumb and Dumber-
all dressed up in their Halloween costumes:
Picnik collage

Orange and blue tuxedos (made from a men's suit pattern)
complete with
matching orange and blue shoes (old shoes and spray paint),
orange and blue canes (dowels and a railing piece from Home Depot),
orange and blue tuxedo shirts(old button-down shirts dyed and ruffled up with cut up t-shirts),
and matching orange and blue bow-ties and top hats (pattern).
Just add a blonde wig for Harry and a blacked out tooth for Lloyd and you're ready to party...

Do we know how to Halloween or what?
Good times...


  1. oh my she is the cutest and most colorful little Halloween owl i ever have seen!

  2. Hi! Carin's cousin here. That owl costume is insaaanne!!! You are so talented. (I'm not always regular with blog reading but saw your comment on Carin's and clicked over). And congrats on the new baby! xo Emma


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