Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Decisions, decisions...

So. It's official.
This little lovey is going to be a big sister to one very special little GIRL!
I was 100% sure we were going to have a boy.
Just like I was 100% sure Willow was going to be a little boy.
Apparently I suck at guessing gender.
At least while they're in the womb, anyways. I'm probably a little better at it once they're out...haha.

Besides being bummed that I was wrong- again -and that my hubby was right, and that I won't get to use my boy name that I finally convinced my husband was soooo perfect...
(It was Hudson, by the way- awesome, right?)
I couldn't be happier.
I was really 50/50 about what I wanted to have.
Good thing- it's not like you get to choose.

I can't wait to be able to say things like "my girls" and find cute matching things for big sis and little sis and they can share a room forever if they want and they'll probably help each other be naughty and tell secrets and... I can't wait.
Not to mention I already have about 2349080239 bins in the basement of little girl clothes... bonus!

Now that we know we're having I get to plan out the nursery.
Previous to the new knowledge, they were going to share a room anyway.
And it was going to be red and aqua.

These are just a few of what I've been collecting.

I wanted aqua walls and red and white furniture and cute little garden gnomes and toadstools and a little reading nook with a red chair and more fun stuff.
I even figured out the quilt designs: a zig-zag quilt for Willow and a string quilt for the new love.
And I separated out the right scraps to make the string quilt:
So, I still love the color palette... but I'm suddenly second guessing myself.
Willow's room wasn't 'girly' by any means. Her walls were blue and her bedding was blue, pink, and yellow- super cute.
Shouldn't this new little girl lovey have some pink? Will she be different if she doesn't?
I know it sounds stupid... but raising kids is just so much pressure.
Every little decision could alter your children's lives.
I know it sounds like I'm blowing the importance of a nursery room color palette way out of proportion... I probably am. (*definitely am)
And if I wasn't me and I was reading this, I'd be muttering, "Get a fricken' grip, lady."

But I am me... and I've made a decision: there will be two color palettes for the room.
That's right.
I just figured it all out last night while I lay in bed wide awake at 3 am worrying about this.
The walls will be aqua (still). All the furniture will be white and I will still make my red and aqua quilts like I'd planned.
Now, however, there will be another set of quilts that are super bright and funky and girly.
I'm thinking lime greens, teals, oranges, hot pinks, purples, bold blues... it's going to be so great.
I want to make a Dresden Plate quilt for Willow's twin bed kinda like the Center of Attention Quilt in Anna Maria Horner's new book, Handmade Beginnings, which I now own thanks to my sis-in-law Michelle (gotta love good Christmas presents!)
It's going to be amazing.
I wish you could see inside my crazy brain, because you would know exactly what I'm talking about.
And for Lovey #2's little crib quilt I was thinking something simple- like a polka dot background with a smattering of lots of different-sized, randomly placed Dresden Plates.
Again, I wish you could see inside my brain.
I will go through all my fabrics tonight, after I whoop my hubby in Jeopardy again for the zillionth time.
He still asks me every night if I'm ready to "get worked" in Jeopardy.
He's lost about 20 times in a row.
Gotta admire is never-give-up-ness. I guess.

Also, my fabrics are all nice and neat and organized because I was forced to clean my house from top to bottom in order to find my phone that was lost for about 4 days.
I never found it.
But Willow did - in the couch- a place that I had already looked about 6 times...
It got found and now I can communicate with the outside world.

The Christmas tree finally got taken down and put away and I could actually put my front room back together. Yippee!
Everything isn't gobbledy-gooked on top of each other anymore.

Notice the hutch with only one knob?
Yeah, it's been that way for quite a while- one knobbed.
It's my fault. I couldn't decide on knobs that I liked that didn't cost $12 a piece.
But, my first venture into Hobby Lobby solved that problem.
All hardware was buy one, get one free.
So I got all these beauties for $18 buckaroos.
I still couldn't decide on one style, so I got a whole bunch of different kinds.
I'll show you the finished product just as soon as I scrub off all the purple crayon that decorates the front of the hutch... don't hold your breath.

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